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McCrae is HOH
Jessie, David, Elissa are nominated
Nobody is Have-not (but some are still sleeping in there)


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Some of them are calling Candice 'Reptar'

Jeremy's tattoo says 'Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds' (Einstein).

BB15 winner's prize is the same: $500k for the winner, so I assume 2nd still gets $50k. Stipend for the others is $750 or $1,000 per week (to be confirmed), including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Recruits may get more.

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Brunch (Tuesday 7/2)

I don't usually see a lot of their mornings but I caught Howard and Helen chatting over breakfast (more like 11.30am brunch).. it was pleasant get-to-know-you stuff, with some tentative bonding over being older and more mature than the others, and minorities, but there was also some serious psychological gaming going on, in my opinion.. Helen in particular uses the Q&A approach that's been used so successfully in the past by Dr Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling

BigotGate continues to fester and ooze out into the mainstream, including stories hitting NPR, Perez Hilton, Radar Online, Buzzfeed,, various local news outlets, and TMZ.. click "previous Hamsterwatch episode" at the top of this or any page to see how we got here, but you don't have to take my word for anything: get the feeds to watch everything unfold and decide for yourself

Update: Aaryn's been fired from a modeling contract and GinaMarie's been fired from her pageant company



They had an extended fishies which turned out to be a "meeting".. afterward they were talking as if they'd gotten some instructions for their first live show - if they were told anything about their escalating muck, they didn't talk about it

They went on indoor lockdown in the afternoon, likely for comp apparatus building.. Jeremy told Aaryn & David not to worry about tomorrow, that everything will change and settle after Elissa leaves (she's not leaving - David is), and then he picked up Elissa's hat, pulled down his pants, rubbed her hat on his rear like TP, and the BB interwebs exploded on cue once again - flashback 7/2 6.55pm

They shared the first family dinner that I've seen, with everyone present except GinaMarie.. a bit later Jeremy was called to Diary for a rather lengthy time.. meanwhile villification of Elissa carried on around the habitat by various and sundry, and nearly all the campaigning and last minute whispery meetings were carried on by everyone but the three nominees - I'm not even sure Jessie and David are aware they're nominated for eviction

After BBAD, Jeremy was called back to Diary again, and then he took Elissa aside to tell her what he'd done (but he downgraded to "tapped" his ass), that he felt horrible, that he doesn't want to be seen as that guy, and basically the same loops he played after fight night.. he said they're going to dryclean her hat or fine his stipend for a new one if she prefers.. she handled it beautifully, saying she didn't care about the hat, and basically let him know he's an asshat without saying so - flashback 7/2 11.12pm


Smile pretty! (Monday 7/1)

The camera came out for happy poses, like it does, despite the unpretty things that have come out of some of their mouths.. the hamsters usually talk about how popular they are (and we usually snicker), but they aren't aware that this season it's already more about them being infamous than famous.. we've had scandals that have oozed beyond our insulated little BB world before, some of them racial in nature, but rarely this early and never involving this many of the cast

Helen cried about missing her kids again, and Jeremy continued his apology loops after last night's big fights.. GinaMarie sobbed for quite awhile about having had many of her clothes and cosmetics taken away.. naturally the fishies strobed in & out of her "talking about production" so it's unclear if this happened before they moved in as is usual for logo clothes, or if it's something new.. ironically, Aaryn told her she could borrow anything of hers anytime (except maybe the hat? zing!) and Amanda did too.. GinaMarie also cried that she wants to go home

A cynic might wonder if Diary's trying to begin damage control by getting GinaMarie to quit the show since she's got one of the more inappropriate mouths.. a cynic might also take note of how good all this is making Elissa look by comparison, and wonder if there's more to her casting twist than meets the eye.. I would never suggest such things are true, but BB conspiracy theorists might.. cynics and realists alike have noted how Elissa's already gone from being Public Enemy Number 1 to one of the better liked of them, by proximity comparisons alone


Heartbreak Hotel

Back in the habitat, Howard had a Bible study session with Jessie in the airplane seats, and it looked as odd as every convo that takes place in them.. Aaryn broke up with David in an extended comedy hour in which he bent the knee throughout.. Kaitlin & Jeremy are still a definite non-item as well, so the showmance edit CBS has so carefully prepared is already out the window in reality

Spencer flashed his junk on the stairs for no apparent reason - flashback 7/1 6.57pm.. a few non-PC words followed because that's how they roll this season, but at least they were said jokingly this time.. the feeds crashed for most everyone for awhile during the BBAD block - probably coincidence

Elissa had a long talk with Jessie, an interrogation really, that made her sound more like a professional counselor than an exercise guru - she may have missed her true calling.. later Jessie told others about it, resentfully, and said Elissa had been trying to get "soooo much information" (and I think she was successful in the attempt).. McCrae warned Amanda a few more times about how we see & hear everything, but she still doesn't seem to quite get it

Whispering, waffling and parannoying started up in the late night, like it does, including a possible change of plans to go back to evicting Elissa - these flip threats rarely amount to anything, but sometimes they do.. McCrae was called to Diary right about then and stayed in there for a long time.. late late night brought a few more shoutouts to me including "Dingo Unchained" and drug chat in the backyard, along with more tears from GinaMarie (to Nick), and from Amanda (to McCrae).. gossip about the various breakupmances cycled around into the predawn hours


Ratings - Asshat edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value

They added three new items to the Goofs tally in one swoop with the HOH pics, they still haven't fixed Judd's last name spelling on CBS site, and I think they spelled Kaitlin's name wrong on the show but I have to check that. Extended fishies for their Tuesday 'meeting' hit coincidentally when some photo frenzy auto-retweet scheme was announced.. it had to be a coincidence, right? The marketing department can't be that good if they can't even spell their cast names correctly. The Aaryn & David Comedy Show had a segment on the show - yay? I think it's hilarious but it was jarringly out of place considering the press storms around her and the other mouthy ones.

As far as that shitstorm goes, I keep being asked what they will or won't do about Bigotgate. Obviously I have no idea! But at this point they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. They are running an 8pm or 9pm 'family' show (hanging on phallic popsicles slapping a giant tongue with lots of bikini zooms and bedmances is 'family'), but the 6pm news is full of the same nasty themes as we've encountered this week, so it's not about being before or after the kiddies' bedtime in my opinion, and that's a poor excuse for doing nothing.

I doubt they'll let the ugly leak out onto the first glitzy live show of the season, especially when it's already packed with normal eviction show events, and they also should insert Hatgate 1, Jeremy's fight with everyone, and now Hatgate 2/Asshat, plus the headline-making stuff. But I'm guessing they might just run a silent 'we don't condone bigotry' text disclaimer at the end of the show, similar to what they did with the horrible BB13 Shelly Moore situation. We'll see.

Her whole shtick lately is verbally beating up David to his face and trashing Elissa behind her back, with selected follow-ups for the others on her hit list. She tried to tell Judd that Elissa's awful for not hating Ragan after what he said to Rachel on BB12, but in a flawless TKO, Judd informed her they're friends now. Aaryn might take David's blindside tomorrow worse than he will, and it'll be great fun if she has to suck up to Elissa, Helen, or Andy as HOH. But if Aaryn should win, I'll be staying off her feed.
Real world update: she's been fired from a modeling contract

It'll be interesting to see where she gravitates with a new regime. I really hope she doesn't win HOH because I'd like to see McCrae get back to mingling and playing his own game, and he might get sucked back upstairs if she wins. She's been talking lately about her passion for musical theater and her showbiz jobs - why would someone go in there and announce they have acting experience? That's just stupid unless she doesn't plan to use that acting experience to her advantage, which would be even more stupid. She's also been name-dropping, ugh. And still saying everything is 'retarded' - CBS made a big deal of that one with BB9 Adam Jasinski when they didn't have to (it was pre-feeds), so why do all these guys get a pass?

He talks about his improv acting work more than Amanda, and improv skills are even more useful and ultimately deadly in there. However, he also talks a lot about just wanting to 'make it to jury' so he's clearly more interested in a nice summer vacation than in winning the cash (and don't think the hardcore players haven't noticed that). He told his poopy pants story yet again, so as far as I'm concerned he can head off anytime rather than repeat that one anymore.

I don't have much on her but she came alive tonight with her new hairstyle, and she stepped it up a notch when she made a Hatgate joke to the HOH crew. She'll need to do better than that to get ups though.

Time to head back to the beach, dude.

She's had a lot of slings and arrows aimed her way in a short time, and her style seems to be to shrug it off as no big deal than to make an issue of it, which is very good strategy in there, in my opinion. She owned Jeremy when he made his Hatgate 2 confession and lame apology-like thing, and it was a delight to see.

Remember how she was all crying over her clothes, her cosmetics, her body, and she just wanted to go home? That's over, and she's still there.
Real world update: she's been fired from her pageant company

She's got a very smooth style of having seemingly ordinary convos but she's actually working, gaining information as well as confidence in a very non-threatening way. Today she really made the rounds, inserting herself in various groups to set herself up for safety so she won't have to win HOH tomorrow.

He seems like he'd be a great guy to know in reality, but this isn't. He needs to step it up in a big way or he's in danger of requiring a Daily Howard Sighting to remind us he's still there.

Won: Permanent Have-not pass
This guy repeats gossip like a middle-aged catlady in a housecoat, and he gets downright giddy when he does it. Hatgate 2 will land right down there with Shannon & Hardy's toothbrush in the BB annals, but he had to go and do it when I was trying to find and listen to McCrae & Judd talking about me, thus making it personal. Asshat.

I know she made an appearance here and there today but she never really stood out enough for me to zero in on her and pay attention other than when she rehearsed her 'save me' speech for the HOH crowd. She doesn't seem worried about possibly being the dreaded first eviction, and she doesn't have to be, but she shouldn't take their word for it! BB campaigning really is a lost art anymore.

His stories and snappy responses are coming out more, and they're good ones. I bet Aaryn didn't expect him to be the one who knows about post-season hamster goings-on, but he put her nicely in her place when he told her about Ragan & Rachel having long since buried the hatchet and become friends, after Aaryn tried to smacktalk Elissa for not hating Ragan.

I guess the honeymoon's back on with Jeremy, which is why having two days' worth of episodes on the same page here gets confusing with young and fickle hamsters. She and Jeremy put themselves on the tally tonight, so I guess she has no problems being with a guy who's an asshat, figuratively and literally.

Wanting to throw the HOH key with a 'fuck you' to tomorrow's winner (with permission ahead of time), talking Hamsterwatch with Judd, and describing while avoiding HOHitis after his long week at the top make for easy ups. He got the underdog edit from CBS and that's ok: it's called character development for the army of writers and story editors that translate the feeds into a tv show. Ian was pretty well thrashed in the tv edits early on too.

He just seems sketchy to me and I think he might end up being the designated (strategy) villain if he outlasts all the bottom-feeders. He's relatively active throughout the day and night, but I'm not a fan of his flippant but soulless style, so he'll have a hard time earning ups. His blue hoodie and hat are the new purple velour tracksuit.

He's one of the more polarizing hamsters: some have him in with the ickies & headline makers and want him gone, and others excuse his stuff more easily. I'm in the latter group, for now at least, as I don't see him as being malicious and he's funny on other topics as well. He's also a lot smarter game-wise than he appears, but that was clear when he told his audition story.


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HOHs: McCrae
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Big Brother 13
Round 1: BBQ ½, Adam ½, Rachel 0
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Round 3: BBQ 1, Rachel 0

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Round 1: BBQ ½, Brendon 0
Round 2: BBQ 2, Britney 0, Lane 0
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Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0

Big Brother 10
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Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
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Major fights - 1
7/1 12.22am Jeremy vs Have-nots, Jeremy vs Amanda, Jeremy vs Kaitlin, Jeremy vs Candice, Aaryn vs Candice

Beyond BB scandals - 1

Makeout pairings - 3
Jeremy & Kaitlin
McCrae & Amanda
David & Aaryn

Sex events - 4
Jeremy & Kaitlin 6/28 3.21am
McCrae & Amanda 6/29 5.40am
McCrae & Amanda 6/30 1.11am
Jeremy & Kaitlin 7/3 1.20am

Pinkyswears - 2
GinaMarie & Andy 6/30 2:43am
GinaMarie & Nick 7/2 9.57pm

McCrae dingoism mentions - 4
- Feedsters
- HOHitis (on CBS)
- Fishies (on CBS)
- This is Big Brother, I'm here for the entertainment

CBS goofs - 8
- BB site shows two premiere times
- Jill? on feeds signup page
- Misspelled Judd's last name
- Feeds launch Y2K type midnight problem
- Peculiar trivia goof
- Misspelled Kaitlin
- Omitted GinaMarie
- Included GinaMarie, wrongly



Judd: My cousin had a friend that had one leg, and her and my other cousin, they hid his leg when he got drunk

Jeremy: I have to win tomorrow, I have to win, I have to win, I have to win
Judd: Or I could win

McCrae: Whenever she tweets, it goes directly to my cell phone so I'm guessing I'm gonna have a fucking gabillion text messages on my phone
Judd: I twitter her a lot
McCrae: She likes me a lot

Aaryn: The honeymoon phase of this place is over

Elissa: The fun starts tomorrow

Aaryn to Nick, and to Howard: What is your heritage?

Aaryn to GinaMarie re first HOH comp: Because I was the strongest girl, I think I deserve some respect from America

Judd: Show it to the camera, give Hamsterwatch a show
McCrae: Love you dingo

Amanda: I just made Andy motorboat me, and I don't think he liked it

Elissa about her hubby: He's six foot, or maybe five-twelve

McCrae via @BigBrotherHOH:
- If I'm ever a #havenot, please america give me something ridiculous to eat… I won't be picky #bb15
- Hope all the feedsters are enjoying the show… I'm always thinking about you people! please be nice to me? please? #bb15


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