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Jessie evicted 6-0
Aaryn is Head of Household
Helen & Spencer are nominated
Elissa won veto, used on self
Amanda, Helen, GinaMarie, Elissa are Have-not
Have-nots ends midnight Thursday night


Next show Thursday 9pm: Live eviction, Revive-a-Hamster live comp, assorted drama
east coast stream

Thursday: GinaMarie's birthday, HOH comp after the show?
Friday: Nominations
Saturday: Veto comp
Middle-size table is overdue
Pandora may be coming
Rachel may be coming too


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Weeks 1, 2, 3: The MVP (Elissa) selected the third nominee, privately, and she didn't have to tell anyone she was MVP. If the MVP's nominee won veto, MVP selected the replacement.

Weeks 4, 5, 6: The MVP vote was to name the third nominee directly. If the viewer pick was HOH or and HOH nominee, the third nominee spot went to next highest vote getter.

BB15 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week (up from $750), including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Elissa gets more.

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DogDave has been found (Wednesday 8/21)

Stepping away from the feeds and to a more serious subject for a moment, I've found out what happened to our beloved DogDave and why he's been absent for the first season ever - he had a massive stroke on January 26, and is now in a long-term care facility, paralyzed on one side, and unable to speak or communicate.. huge thanks to @Quirkydude for help tracking him down

DogDave aka Aldav ran one of the first Big Brother sites and one of the best: despite having the worst layout and organization (which he was the first to laugh about and agree with), he would summarize each day perfectly and in only a few words, along with well-placed humor, the top stories, chops, and gossip gathered from all the sites, and of course bikini girls and naughty bits.. see the archive copy of his BB14 final, also note all the links to the rest of us

I know he offended many with his drunken tweets, and so did he, and to his credit, he always deleted them later.. DogDave launched nearly all the Big Brother sites that are around now, including this one, and continued to promote all of us day after day without playing favorites and without getting much promotion in return back to his site, and feed signup commissions often went to those newer sites rather than him.. he just loves Big Brother and all the various ways we all cover it

Needless to say, the medical bills have cost a fortune and money's tight.. there's a lot of fighting in our BB community but we come together when one of our own needs help.. a Paypal account has been set up for donations if you're willing and able to help: - every penny donated will go to him.. your good thoughts and prayers are obviously very much appreciated as well


Koo-koo pop day

Back to our story, as if on cue after my questioning Elissa's behavior last night, she went into all new directions today, ranging from openly saying "they" (producers) won't get rid of her, to lashing out, to tears, and back to trashing others and being trashed by them in turn.. if they are giving her a script, for lack of a better word, I think she needs more direction with it because I don't think anyone is able to follow her plot

Helen kept up her teary campaigning, making most of us and them weary with the repetition and pointlessness of it

We finally got to see the lovesick beaver version of OTEV, and Elissa did break out some Rachel-esque comp skills to win that one

Clownie seems to have survived the day without killing himself but the evening rolled into the danger zone anyway with GinaMarie getting a bloody nose, stuffing it with Kleenex rather than tampons this time, and Aaryn taking a swig of nail polish remover, thinking it was her water bottle.. no ambulance rides ensued, but it was touch and go for a few minutes.. Have-not GinaMarie had a lengthy nap in the HOH bed for the second day in a row, and Elissa turned off the lights in the Have-not room for a nice afternoon nap with her illegal blankie - the rules just aren't enforced much these days, or maybe it's all on a sliding scale

Midnight brought GinaMarie's birthday: Diary said she & Have-nots couldn't have an hour to celebrate, which sent her crying.. Amanda decorated her bed with TP and got out a bunch of her stuff for them all to dress up in, including her cone of shame & spare, and they surprised her at midnight.. she gave a teary turned raucous speech and they all said their favorite GM moments - it was very sweet.. Elissa did not attend

All signs indicate Helen will be evicted 4-1 with Elissa presumably dissenting.. then we'll have a live comp between Helen, Jessie, Judd, Candice to determine which of them will come back, and everything will change.. I truly hope Judd can overcome his anxiety to win this one, as the feeds desperately need him and his funny.. I expect the HOH comp will take place after the show like it did after the double eviction extravaganza, but we'll see


And the minutes drag (Tuesday 8/20)

Andy's running out of ideas for Clownie suicide scenarios but thanks to Spencer's suggestion, he tied up Clownie's mouth and stuffed him into Aaryn's little HOH fridge today.. that's two suffocation deaths in a row, for those keeping track

The camera came out, but their enthusiasm for cheesy posing isn't as high as it once was, and Aaryn wrote yet another set of tweets and blog.. Helen continued campaigning in earnest, boring most everyone to tears.. the bashing escalated even more as they separated into twos and threes, and it continued to dissolve again when they came together in new groupings.. Thursday can't come fast enough at this rate

The high point of the day was a hilarious group sex chat, especially the anal segment.. I know it might not sound funny, but it was - flashback 8/20 7.39pm.. maybe you had to be there

Random coincidences continue to happen like clockwork.. several of them launched into spontaneous speculations about Revive-a-Hamster possibly coming soon, and in a really kooky one, several went from a random convo about Screech and Saved by the Bell into talk about UK Celebrity BB - Dustin "Screech" Diamond will be entering the Celeb BB habitat within days - what's the odds?

I've also been wondering about Elissa's changing modes? Personalities? Not sure how to phrase it, but it's like she's a different person from day to day and she goes down different paths that are often contradictory to the previous day, or hour.. is she a stealth Producer's Player, getting tasks or assignments in Diary? I know it's just another crazy conspiracy theory, but going back to her Howard/Spencer MVP nomination faux pas and her bad actoring to cover that up, she's got the same tone for these things now.. going from never having heard of me or this site to being an "expert" about it (although wrong) 12 hours later, and saying she's met me, is what really perked my attention to this.. it's just one of those things that makes you go hmmm, in lieu of not much else of interest going on


Bash 'n trash (Monday 8/19)

The latest chapter of Clownie & Maude suicide saga found the little guy with his head stuffed into a plastic bag, and that was the high point of the day

Naturally Elissa veto'd herself off the block, and Aaryn put up Spencer in her place, sending Helen into campaign overdrive.. she made her rounds and talked off various ears throughout the day and night.. McCrae did a lot of nodding and yepping in his session, and Helen brought out her patented tears-on-cue, and threw in some Amanda bashing and relationship counseling.. when Helen got to Andy, the tears flowed and sniffles were sniffed by both.. whenever each side was left alone, Helen & Elissa kept bashing Amanda, and Amanda, McCrae & Aaryn kept bashing Helen and/or Elissa - it's like BB6 all over again, complete with "good people" propaganda, but without the humor

In happier news, the ants made a full assault on the kitchen, successfully.. Helen and GinaMarie tried to counter-attack by clearing out various food items, cleaning up the counter, and squirting enough Raid to kill an ox.. many brave soldiers sacrificed their lives and their lifeless little bodies were scattered all over

Helen & GinaMarie also counted out enough dishes, glasses and utensils for each hamster, and put the rest in a cupboard which GinaMarie "locked" closed with dental floss.. it sounds like they made all the proper precautions but then they discovered the ants were in the fridge, so they cleaned it out too, but now it's just a matter of time till they end up inside ice cubes again.. Amanda later reported seeing a trail of ants going all the way from the kitchen to the bathroom, and supporters of Team Ants cheered at their resiliency and easy dominance over this lackluster habitat


BBQ Smackdown: Round 3 Flabbergassed
(Sunday 8/18)

Helen began prematurely campaigning in earnest to Aaryn plus Andy, and then had a gametalk facedown with Amanda - yes, all this before the veto meeting.. Andy was clearly uncomfortable and Elissa wasn't up to the debate challenge, so they set off to running the yard, and then Elissa came back to do her bendy in close proximity to the oh-so serious discussion, like she does

But wait, there's more: in the middle of all this, Spencer decided to grill some hot dogs and head cheese.. the metal monster seized the opportunity to further exert its dominance over these helpless hamsters, flaring up aggressively as Spencer tried to light it.. Spencer turned off the gas, but not before the fumes reached all the way across the yard to threaten the gametalk zone with propane asphyxiation.. that would have been score-worthy on its own, but the clanking contraption proceeded to make a mockery of Spencer trying to grill some head cheese by melting the gelatin holding the head bits together, predictably.. another easy victory for the grill, and it wasn't even on camera - flashback 8/18 7.29pm

Final score: BBQ 1, Spencer 0

In other news, Clownie's tragic suicide streak continued when he was discovered in the bathtub with a hair dryer, the cord wrapped around his neck.. at this point, Spencer will likely go up in Elissa's place tomorrow, and Helen will be evicted Thursday - this despite a very busy few hours where Aaryn & Amanda fought about the ancient Winegate fight and Amanda came *this* close to going up on the block tomorrow.. however Andy did spill to Helen that they'd all planned to boot her out, so there's that


Clownie's bad day (Saturday 8/17)


Tragedy unfolded in the habitat today as Clownie was discovered hanging in the HOH shower.. no note was left, but it was a sadly symbolic gesture reflecting the lack of life on the feeds since Judd left.. Aaryn cut down the lifeless body and things returned to normal for a bit, but then Clownie tried to OD on some pills.. again no note was left, but all signs point to Andy as suicide accomplice

Elissa won the veto in the OTEV physical comp where they hunt for hamster names and bring them up a ramp.. OTEV was a beaver this time.. there wasn't a lot of fallout from that yet, other than Helen repeatedly congratulating Elissa and starting new campaign rounds with the others.. they got a decent booze delivery considering only three were drinking: Aaryn, McCrae, Andy.. they told some stories and had some fun of sorts

McCrae launched into a very lengthy explanation of this site and got them all wondering if they're getting ups or downs.. it was great fun for me and our co-chatters in Hamsterwatch Chat (this site's chat, not the one on the feeds bearing the same name), or "those other fuckers" as he referred to us all - flashback 8/18 1.05am.. later he shouted out @mamafox, @cherryred, @attwx, @dogdavebb, and maybe others but the fishies swam - boo.. Amanda seemed particuarly concerned about my Sex Events tally, even though McCrae had told her about it before, as well as about all the other sites, updaters, tweeters and cappers who post such things, and Aaryn seemed a bit defensive, saying she wasn't going to check any of the sites, and adding that "Hamsterwatch can go fuck themself"


Parts is parts (Friday 8/16)

Their Have-not comp was another messy one, with paintball-type color spatters and some sort of web material in their hair, all of which was hard to remove.. the losers were Helen, Elissa, Amanda, and GinaMarie, and their slop supplement for the week is head cheese & habaneros.. the head cheese grossed out most of them, and many feedsters as well

Aaryn nominated Helen & Elissa as planned.. they did not get the middle sized table for eight although it's due.. it was a fairly quiet night with some silliness but no booze


Hints and changes (Thursday 8/15)

You know those bookmarks they add for interesting highlights in flashback? An extra interesting one showed up today which they titled "Bringing someone back?" I didn't even check the flashback but I assume it was another of their many speculation sessions, but it's an interesting one for The Powers That Be to point out and lends a bit of weight to the idea that it could happen.. we'll see

Reality has reared its ugly head for me, and my time on the feeds and this site needs to be curtailed going forward, so I'll be doing this page as more of a weekly recap and ratings than daily for the duration.. I'll still try to keep Power Status and Upcoming Events on left sidebar updated as things happen, as they're the easiest way to check such things without having to read.. the News & Updates section below has stats for the season to settle bar fights and the like, and things like Ratings Watch on right sidebar will have to stack up

Jessie was evicted 6-0, and Aaryn won another HOH comp, a knockout-style QA based on comps they've had.. sure enough, next Thursday's show will include Revive-a-Hamster: the three jurors so far plus that night's evictee will compete for one to come back into the game

Amanda had another meltdown after the show about losing another comp - she hid behind the pantry trashcan to cry for awhile, tying Rachel crying in the bushes and Alison hiding in an urn on the ridiculous scale.. Aaryn's win has her tied with Ian, Hayden, Rachel, Janelle & Drew at four HOHs in one season, and the goodies & letter sharing was met with wildly exaggerated enthusiasm from McCrae & Spencer.. Elissa had a mini meltdown and threatened to quit again, and Helen had a major meltdown about that in her retell to HOH crew (but much of that was #Helenspeak in my opinion).. Elissa & Helen will likely be nominated, and Helen's the likely target as of now

As always, you don't need me to watch the feeds for you: get the feeds to watch everything unfold as it happens.. you can click "previous Hamsterwatch episode" at the top of any page to see what came before, and feel free to click the banner up there for any of your Amazon purchases anytime


Ratings - Begging for Ups edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value, mostly
VTE = Voted to evict

Cheers for a few well-timed booze deliveries, they make all the difference. I really hope they decide to out the viewer MVP vote before Thursday's Revive-a-Hamster. They could talk Aaryn & Amanda down in Diary with kudos about 'villain,' 'love to hate' and 'best player threat' etc, but it could jeopardize GinaMarie's emotional stability. Still, they owe it to Judd in my opinion, and yes I'm hoping he's the one who comes back since it's the feeds that really need reviving, and he's the only one of the four who can do that on an ongoing basis. It's curious that they've never sent mentions of me to fishies. I don't know about other sites, but I never signed a release to be mentioned on the feeds. I'm not complaining of course, but they shouldn't send McCrae shoutouts of his other fellow Hamsterwatch chatters to fishies either. Also, can they please fix the stalling/reloading problem, and flashback times, and the new mobile access problem? Thank you.

VTE Jessie
Belated ups for winning a 4th HOH, tying the all-time record held by several formers. Her ridiculous Sunday night fight with Amanda over ancient history launched a very fun few hours of feeds, and it was equally ridiculous to see her become putty in Amanda's hands once again. Depending if either of them is in finals, this night may have won the game for Amanda and lost it for Aaryn.
PS Aaryn continues to be defensive about all the racism flak, and she assumes all of us out here are bashing her non-stop. While many are, many are also taking note of her comp and game skills and slightly improved attitude. But she might wait to check the damage (and there is plenty) before she goes on the attack and says things like 'Hamsterwatch can go fuck themself' out of the blue. While I don't condone what she said in any way, I did tell Buzzfeed that she's unfairly been blamed for all the sins of many of them.

Won: 50 shades of orange
VTE Jessie
How many times has she had a blowup when she was perfectly safe, almost jeopardizing that safety with her sheer obnoxiousness? I've lost count. Yet she very impressively smooths it over every time. Amanda's got a unique and mind-blowing combo of lousy social skills but brilliant people skills, and the latter continues to serve her very well in this game.

No vote (HOH)
When McCrae discussed this ratings section, Andy seemed the one most concerned about maybe not getting ups since he's steered clear of the fights. As it turns out, he's great fun when drunk and/or holding things, and his Clownie suicide scenes are approaching 'Harold & Maude' status, and that's all it takes - hey, I'm easy. He may have finally cooked his BB goose Sunday night by jumping on board the Helen/Aaryn plan to boot Amanda a bit too quickly, and then lying about it later when asked directly. He's better at popping up and providing comic relief than he is at backpedalling, but we'll see where this one ends up.

Won: Sit out 1 veto comp
VTE Jessie
Winning a veto when needed is ups-worthy, as is her constant WTF attitude and downright goony ways. But the combo of saying 'Hamsterwatch is the biggest thing in the world' (what?), saying she has met me (what??), and saying I make a ton of money from doing this (what???) knock her right down to neutral. I'd bet a large stack of plastic frogs that she's never even seen this site, let alone heard of it before.

Won: 48 hour cone of shame
VTE Jessie
She's become something of a bit player lately, and even her hair isn't living up to its full potential, but I haven't given up on it.

Won: 2 night curfew, BBQ party
VTE Jessie
I wish I could commend her crying on cue and her sometimes successful attempts to sway her fellow hamsters, but I'm just tired of her and her shtick. Begging me for ups won't earn them, and neither will bitching about not liking the Have-not supplements or living on slop. If she was half the 'superfan' she claims to be, she would have done a little bit of homework beyond just watching the CBS shows and thinking that was enough to prepare for this. It never is.

Won: $5,000
VTE Jessie
I love that he's got them all wondering about their ups and downs here, and that he knows his laying around all the time and sleeping so much won't earn him ups. But his lovely descriptions of the site made me happy, and we all like our hard work to be appreciated. I'm also really glad he shouted out a few of our fellow chatters and I hope he'll do more of that.

Won: 24 hour megaphone, Bahamas trip
No vote (nominee)
He almost got a chance to vote this week when the Amanda backdoor plan almost happened, but now it's just another week on the block and another speech on Thursday. Also more humor, more under-the-radar decent gaming, and another inappropriate joke or comment while we all have some pie. As solid as his perma-pawn position appears to be, I don't know if he'll be able to hold up to three days of Helen campaigning against him.

Evicted 6-0
Won: Nothing
She was a non-entity for most of the season other than crying over Helen's BBQ party (then going anyway) plus a knockdown drag-out with Amanda, until she got wind she was about to be evicted. Then she revved up Tropical Storm Jessie and swore she'd turn them all against each other after she left. That was fun for an afternoon and would have made her one of the most memorable hamsters of all time if she'd kept it up but alas, she fizzled, apologized, and will fade into obscurity with so many others. She had the reputation of being a man-izer but most of that happened before the feeds, and all we got was a 2-day sHOwmance with Judd.
My pre-season prediction:
Most likely to find herself without an alliance.
Check, repeatedly.

Won: $5,000, 24 hour solitary
He was one of the most liked and funniest hamsters we've had in ages and his eviction blindsided us as much as him. Amanda's paranoia about MVP did him in, along with his own real and fake alliances, and Helen realizing that he was on to her. J-U-Double-D Party Daugherty will be fondly remembered for becoming King Judd with his HOH, his quick wit and constant one-liners, his (formerly) lucky bear shirt, and his distinctive way of speaking. His eviction was the reality equivalent of the Red Wedding.
My pre-season prediction:
Most likely to be a sleeper fan favorite: hated at first, loved later
Maybe not so hated except by those who needed a decoder ring, but definitely loved later

Won: $5,000, 1 week clown suit
She laid around with Howard until he left, and then she mostly laid around by herself. She still managed to figure in many of the fights, including one during the veto comp and one during her own eviction. I think a lot of their problems with her started before the feeds did, but it's fair to say she egged it on as well. She'll be remembered for tragic life stories, being the Mad Hatter sitting on hats (or not), Keepin' It Real With Candie, her crab shack story, meeting Julie in a clownitard, and the #BlameCandice hashtag game.
My pre-season prediction:
Most likely to say she's there 'for the experience'
I don't know if she said that much or not.

Won: Nothing
He was eloquent and animated in Diary but we didn't get that guy on the feeds. Instead he mostly laid around with Candice, held Bible study in the coach seats, and prayed in the photo booth. He isolated Candice and himself, killing both of their games, and their combined lack of awareness foiled any chance for his 11th hour save plan to succeed. He gave sudden speeches that few understood, but he wore Candice's tassel earrings and Judd's crown equally well.
My pre-season prediction:
Most likely to parannoy, eventually
Fail - others freaked out for no reason more than he did

Won: Nothing
She was a caboose for the mean girl train and when she wasn't straddling Jeremy, she was laying around making out with him, including in her bestie's HOH bed whenever Aaryn stepped away. She took being widowed better than GinaMarie, but she had several days to prepare for it and seemed almost proud of making 'Big Brother history' by using her veto. Otherwise she brought eyebrow adventures, and apologies when she mouthed off, which is more than some.
My pre-season prediction:
Most likely to be intimidated, taken advantage of, and blindsided
Fail, although Jeremy's eviction did blindside her. Taken advantage of is subjective.

Won: Permanent Have-not pass
He claimed 1/16 Cherokee but he besmirched that heritage regularly, along with many others. He caused and starred in the big Winegate fight, smooched with Kaitlin while laying his hand on Aaryn's leg, wore a diaper, and mistakenly boasted he'd win every comp. He was a boy in a man's body, but his tattoos were nicer looking than most heavily tatted hamsters' have been. He'll be most remembered for being the asshat of BB15.
My pre-season prediction:
Most likely to get in a fight

Won: Nothing
He came in saying he hoped for stardom but it probably won't happen as a result of this show. Overnighters got to know his blue hoodie & cap well, and he was usually the last one to go to bed. That's usually good strategy but it didn't help him. The over-the-top character he played in pre-season interviews gave him a rough start with most, but he didn't stick long enough for us (me anyway) to get to know what he's really about.
My pre-season prediction:
Most likely to namedrop and be generally annoying
Subjective, but I'll take it.

Won: Nothing
He didn't bring much to the feeds and he seemed oblivious about how the show works, but those types are the ones who get blindsided and we always like to see that. The Aaryn & David Comedy Show was fun for a minute but all the controversy she fed took the fun out of that, so it's just as well he got gone early. Back to the beach and watching BB on the couch with mom.
My pre-season prediction:
Most likely to climb on stuff and be told 'Stop that!'
Check, first night of feeds.


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Bigotgate oozed farther beyond our insulated BB world more than any prior scandal, going all the way to TMZ, CNN, The New York Times, and international news & media outlets. Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman were fired from real world jobs as a result of bigoted remarks on the BB15 feeds, Aaryn from two modeling contracts and GinaMarie from her pageant company. Spencer was investigated by local law enforcement for his bad joke, and his employer Union Pacific issued two statements about him. (Spencer is a union employee.)

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BBQ Smackdown Scorecard

Big Brother 15
Round 1: BBQ 1, Helen 1, Jessie 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Helen 0, Jessie 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Spencer 0

Big Brother 14
Round 1: BBQ ½, Dan 0

Big Brother 13
Round 1: BBQ ½, Adam ½, Rachel 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Rachel 0

Big Brother 12
Round 1: BBQ ½, Brendon 0
Round 2: BBQ 2, Britney 0, Lane 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Lane 0, CBS 0

Big Brother 11
Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0

Big Brother 10
No title events

Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
Round 2, BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3, BBQ ½, Ryan 0

Big Brother 8
Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1

Big Brother 7 All-Stars
BBQ training sabbatical

Big Brother 6
Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0

Big Brother 5
Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
Round 3: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, CBS 0, Nakomis 0


Major fights - 7
-7/1 Winegate 12.22am Winegate: Jeremy vs Have-nots, Jeremy vs Amanda, Jeremy vs Kaitlin, Jeremy vs Candice, Aaryn vs Candice
-7/11 Bedgate 9.20pm 10.09pm, 10.39pm, 10.50pm GinaMarie vs Jessie, Jessie vs Kaitlin/Aaryn, mega Candice vs Aaryn/GinaMarie, Amanda vs most
-7/30 Amanda vs Spencer 12.30pm
-8/2 Underpants 12.29am, 1.16am, 1.55am Amanda vs Jessie, Amanda vs Candice, Helen vs Candice, mega Amanda vs Jessie
-8/3 Amanda vs Candice veto comp (8/7 show)
-8/8 Candice vs GinaMarie live show
-8/12-13 Jessie vs Helen 11.23pm, 11.33pm, 12.40am, 1.12am, Aaryn vs GinaMarie 2.52am

House meetings - 5
-7/24 8.00pm
-7/26 11.26pm
-7/30 2.55pm
-7/31 12.15am
-8/13 2.57am

Nominee speech scorchers - 1

Blindside evictions - 3

Beyond BB scandals - 2
Spencer's bad joke

Literal asshats - 1
Jeremy 7/2 6.55pm

Makeout pairings - 5
Jeremy & Kaitlin
McCrae & Amanda
David & Aaryn
Howard & Candice
Judd & Jessie

Sex events - 13+
(some subject to interpretation)
Jeremy & Kaitlin 6/28 3.21am
McCrae & Amanda 6/29 5.40am
McCrae & Amanda 6/30 1.11am
Jeremy & Kaitlin 7/3 1.20am
Jeremy & Kaitlin 7/8 12.01am
Jeremy & Kaitlin 7/9 11.15pm
McCrae & Amanda 7/18 2.55am and 3.40am
McCrae & Amanda 7/21 off feeds
McCrae & Amanda 8/4 2.05am
McCrae & Amanda 8/8 12.50am
Spencer (funny) 8/8 1.07am
McCrae & Amanda 8/10 2.26am
McCrae & Amanda 8/12 2.05am
Too many more to count

Pinkyswears - 14
GinaMarie & Andy 6/30 2:43am
GinaMarie & Nick 7/2 9.57pm
GinaMarie, Jeremy, Nick 7/5 1.02am
GinaMarie & Nick 7/5 8.16pm
GinaMarie & Aaryn 7/7 8.25pm
GinaMarie & Nick 7/8 approx 8pm
GinaMarie & Andy 7/9 6.47pm
GinaMarie & Nick 7/10 3.37am
Andy & Candice 7/11 11.28am
McCrae & Amanda 7/12 1.26am
GinaMarie & Helen 7/12 5.04pm
Judd & Elissa 7/29 2.19pm
GinaMarie & Spencer 8/8 8.20pm
GinaMarie & Helen 8/17 9.28pm

Dingoisms used by McCrae - 10
- Feedsters
- HOHitis (on CBS)
- Fishies (on CBS)
- This is Big Brother, I'm here for the entertainment
- Slurpydurp
- BBQ Smackdown
- Willie's key-hos & corn-ho
- The parlor
- Revive-a-Hamster
- Ups, downs, neutral

The Soup mentions
- 7/3 Veto guest sarcasm plus McCrae about Howard on premiere
- 7/10 BigotGate
- 7/17 GinaMarie funeral plus Jeremy Diary rant
- 7/24 GinaMarie's froyo

CBS goofs - 30
- BB site shows two premiere times
- Jill? on feeds signup page
- Misspelled Judd's last name
- Feeds launch Y2K type midnight problem
- Peculiar trivia goof
- Misspelled Kaitlin
- Omitted GinaMarie
- Included GinaMarie, wrongly
- Wrong show time on trivia
- Forgot to update vote dates
- Julie said Helen's Chinese on The Talk racism segment
- Wrong show teaser pics
- Your/you're error
- Wrong day on MVP vote
- Typo in Help scroll
- Interesting grammar
- Still wrong day on MVP vote
- Wonky timestamps
- Help scroll still unresoved
- STILL wrong day on MVP vote
- No signal for 40 minutes 7/27
- Whose/who's error
- Forgot to update after Wednesday show
- 8/1 show: Julie's team forgot to tell her McCrae/Amanda got BB engaged (and BB married)
- Forgot to update after Thursday show
- Update fail
- No signal for 60 minutes 8/6
- Menu on F3
- 8/15 show: Julie said Aaryn's 4th HOH was her 3rd
- 8/15 BBAD: log-in error on the info scroll



Elissa: I'm Rachel's sister, they cast me for a reason, they're not gonna get rid of me

Aaryn: When it's about Elissa, I feel like an actress on a cast on a tv show for entertainment only, I do not feel like I'm playing Big Brother

Aaryn: My throat feels not good
Amanda: That's because you drank nail polish remover

McCrae: Today was like Westworld, one of the animatronics went rogue and started rampaging through the house

GinaMarie about Nick: He's the only person that made me feel good about myself

Elissa about Aaryn: Her comparing herself to me would be like me trying to compare myself to like Poppy Montgomery or Oprah

Aaryn: If you don't need Adderall and you take it, it's a different world

Aaryn: People would flip the channel so quick if we were all politically correct, it'd be boring - they put us in here 'cause we're all batshit crazy

Helen: That'd be the worst, to be portrayed as boring

Andy: I'm gonna eat when I want, all right? Don't push me to eat at 8! ..that's the biggest fight I've been in in awhile, I'm grasping at straws here

Helen to Elissa: You realize you're missing some eyelashes in the middle, right?

Spencer: I wonder if it kills Jeremy to know Elissa has won more competitions than him

Elissa: Oh my gosh it's 3am! I'm going to try to get tired really quickly

Elissa about producers: I wonder if they're mad at me, why they won't give me medicine - I'm not making it up, I'm deathly allergic to slop

About McCrae/Helen chat
Amanda: Did you stick up for me or not?
McCrae: No
McCrae: Brenchel Army is waiting on baited breath to see what me & Andy are gonna do
McCrae: If we go against [Helen], we're going against Brenchel Army, moms, and all of America
Amanda: Now there's the McCranda Army
McCrae: No there's not
Amanda: Why not?
McCrae: Because that's stupid

McCrae: If I was portrayed as Amanda's little dog, that'd fuckin drive me nuts

About sudden revival speculation
@FloTweeta: maybe Clownie is wearing a mini bear shirt
@BB15HOH: maybe Judd's picture is in color again

Elissa about producers and going to jury or not: Ultimately I'm here because of them, so whatever they wanted me to do

Spencer: Tonight the Poopy the Cunt's domination episode airs

Spencer: This head cheese broke up

Spencer about Amanda: She's just trying to get Dingo to give her a thumbs up

Aaryn on CBS: My hair came out

Aaryn on CBS: Helen and I created this amazing bond and I think she's one of the greatest people I've ever met

@MelissaMeek: Helen uses I love you like a teenage boy trying to get laid

Aaryn: I bet my mom is so appalled by my eyebrows

Big Brother: Houseguests, remember to enjoy yourselves today.. these are the good ol' days

Helen: I'm a Have-not, I'm on the block, and I have a heart-beating zit.. life is good

Spencer: I was really hoping to vote this week

Aaryn: If anyone talks shit about me on the internet, I'm just going to show a virtual finger and move on

McCrae about me: She's never like mean to anyone, she's very unbiased in that regard I guess

Aaryn: Hamsterwatch can go fuck themself

Amanda: I go into DR and say I totally threw that, they're like no you didn't.. -cut to fishies

Andy: It turns out Jessie kept everyone in line, everyone just goes batshit crazy now with her gone


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