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This site is about the Big Brother 16 feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me, and it isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why. Thanks for encouraging my behavior.
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Godfrey won Part 1
Ashleigh won Part 2
Godfrey won Part 3 and final HOH
Godfrey evicted Ashleigh
Jordan's vote was evicted

Sarah won 7-2


June 10: Derrick chat
June 15: Frankie chat
June 16: Cast reveal
Above events are CBS All Access exclusives

June 24 & 25: Big Brother 17 two-night premiere
Jun 25: Feeds begin


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Air shows are Sundays 7pm, Mondays 8pm, eviction Wednesdays 9pm on Global.

Big Brother After Dark is on Slice three hours every night starting midnight or 3am, depending on your provider.

BB Canada 3 prizes are the same: $100k cash, $25k at The Brick, $10k trip from Twistos for the winner, and $20k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $75 a day, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester.

The Canadian habitat has 85 cameras and 60 microphones.

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Pre-season exclusives include a chat with Derrick on June 10, a chat with Frankie on June 15, and cast interviews on June 16

Outside USA can't sign up as of now because the feeds are included with all CBS shows, and all TV sites in all countries use geoblocking.. using a USA credit card or an American Express card appear to be the best bet as of not (even a Canadian Amex card, and possibly even Amex gift cards).. there may be more workarounds as we go, so please be patient and don't panic! I'll keep you posted

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BB Canada 3 season stats

Evictions, in order: Risha (viewer vote), Sindy 12-0 (later revived), Naeha 9-2, Graig 10-0, Johnny 9-0, Jordan 5-4, Sindy 8-0, Bobby 7-0, Kevin (0 of 5 votes to save) and Willow (2 of 5 votes to save), Bruno 4-0, Zach 3-0, Pilar 2-1 (tiebreaker), Brittnee 1-0, Ashleigh 1-0

HOHs in order: Everybody/nobody, Bobby, Kevin, Brittnee, Bruno, Zach, Pilar, Kevin, Brittnee, Ashleigh, Sarah, Brittnee, Sarah, Godfrey

Veto wins in order: Sindy, Kevin, (none), Johnny, Bruno, Zach, Godfrey, Kevin, Bruno, Sarah, Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh

Sarah won 7-2 against Godfrey

Ashleigh: $5,000 entertainment package, $500 Pizza Pizza, 24 hours snorkeling gear, 300 tricycle laps, video from home, mom visit
Bobby: 12 8 hours slop boots
Brittnee: $42, superpower
Bruno: $5,000, watch bio videos
Godfrey: $25,000, $500 Pizza Pizza, sister visit
Graig: $1,000, letter from home
Johnny: 24 hours pie in the face
Jordan: 24 hours snorkeling gear
Kevin: $1,000, $10,000 at The Brick, French maid day
Pilar: 24 hours lobster
Sarah: $100,000, $25,000 at The Brick, $10,000 trip, 250,000 Ramada points
Willow: 24 hours on a pedestal, 24 36 hours ketchup, season slop pass, letter to jury
Zach: $1,000, 4 week slop pass, house masseur, French maid day

Diary segments tally by @clamperls


We was robbed (4/14/15)

Vetogate hadn't even hit the air yet when another "gate" struck on Monday, April 13.. they'd announced "BBTV" as a special treat/feeds exclusive, and it turned out to be a five-hour block of DIY television parody to entertain us.. the segments were laid out as an hour each of talk show, courtroom drama, BB Canada 2 rerun, psychic readings, and a talent show

They'd been provided multiple costumes, notes to read from, and even ear wires to get tips, dos & don'ts from production.. some of the skits worked better than others and there were a lot of feed blocks along the way, but all in all it was a fun change of pace from laying around for this mostly do-nothing cast

Last season's winner Jon Pardy made a surprise appearance (in his giant baby hat and diaper costume) during the skit re-enacting highlights from last season and from all the screams, you'd think Elvis had walked in.. his huge personality really stood out among these mild-mannered hamsters, and his call for booze was a dismal reminder of the lack of same this season

The hashtag #BBTV trended in Canada for most of the allotted time, and the hamsters were told we feedsters enjoyed the show so they'd earned their reward of a "wrap party" - yay! We all assumed that would include booze, and we even had all the makings of a war in place between the two current nominees, Sarah and Johnny, which would have been a juicy bonus

So what did they do? They cut the feeds for the "feeds exclusive" party that feedsters helped earn and that was part of the posted pitch about the day's activities.. the feeds stayed off all night.. I don't know if the move to Global is the cause of all this pooping on fans or what, but they've sure got it down to a science.. it's tragic really, as BB Canada used to be one of the best things going - not anymore

After Dark screencap by @TheBBPresident

Update They ran After Dark as usual, which had loads of food and a little champagne and not much else.. as it was ending, they laid on the booze in a big way and the hamsters proceeded to get plastered.. when the feeds finally came back on Tuesday morning, hangover complaints and retells ensued about makeouts and other drunken shenanigans, and kept up through the day.. nobody wants to hear about what a great party they missed when they were blatantly not invited to it, especially when we helped to make it happen.. loads of diehard fans are boycotting the feeds today, and maybe giving up on the season altogether


Vetogate (4/9/15)

Big Brother Canada is a hybrid of USA and international versions, generally using gameplay and air show format of BB USA, with lots of added twists and tasks that other countries thrive on.. this is usually a very good thing in my opinion, but it can backfire and now it has, in one of the biggest BB clusterfucks we've ever seen - and it's still underway

On the April 8 "live" (pre-taped) eviction show, host Arisa Cox explained a new twist for the upcoming week: viewers were given the option to vote for "a forced veto, which means the POV MUST be used, or a double veto, which means both nominees MUST be replaced by the HOH" - okay, chaotic for the game but clear enough for voting purposes, right? Viewers voted up a storm that night, most opting for the "double veto" option, from what I saw on Twitter anyway

But confusion kicked in because the actual voting screen for the double veto option said "Houseguests will have double the chance for veto power" - huh?

Further, after registering a vote, the site said to tune in Wednesday, April 15 to see the results - which would be the next eviction show, while veto results are always shown on the previous show like BB USA, which would be Monday, April 13.. and that would also line up with what Arisa said on the air show: "tune in Monday to find out who wins the POV and what you decide they have to do with it"

So the next day (after hundreds? thousands? of votes had been cast), they changed the ballot to read "This week, POV holder has option to use veto on both nominees".. they also posted an "explanatory" blog entry that read "this would give the Veto holder the power to Veto one nomination, both nominations or to not use the Veto at all".. neither of those descriptions has anything to do with what Arisa announced on the air, which should really be what they stick to, especially since her version matched what the show tweeted, as well as Arisa's explanation on Thursday's Side Show, taped immediately after the eviction show: "both people nominated would have to be replaced by the HOH"

So that's what, four versions? Five? Stay tuned - more variations could be coming

And to top it off, they'll be doing a revival of one of the first five evictees.. the fifth will go out next week, April 15, but on the April 8 show Arisa clumsily said revival will happen in "a little over a week".. she also said "one week from tonight is another live eviction" with no mention of the revival.. my guess is they'll do the actual revival comp on April 15 after the show's over, but it won't air until Sunday, April 19.. if that's correct, they might shut down the feeds for those four days - if so, it'll be the second time they do that this season (already), depriving us once again of all the juicy fallout

Update The "forced veto" wording also changed: originally its ballot read "the veto must be used immediately" - that was later changed to "This week, POV Holder is forced to use Veto on 1 nominee"

Outcome They told the hamsters that the double veto option won, and Bruno was given the option to use his veto or not - he did not, so it was just a normal veto week, with a bonus of lots of extra web traffic for The Powers That Be


Big Brother Canada 3 is here!

Here we go again: the third season of Canada's BB starts up Monday, March 23 at 8pm ET on Global - I'll have links in Quick Links & Bookmarks on the left sidebar to watch air shows online.. the air show schedule is Sundays 7pm (nominations), Mondays 8pm (veto comp), Wednesdays 9pm (eviction).. the move-in premiere was taped Thursday March 19 and evictions will be taped a few hours early again

After Dark premiered March 26 (Wednesday night/Thursday morning) at midnight or 3am, depending on timezone & cable provider, and will air every night on Slice.. Side Show premieres March 26 10pm, and airs Thursdays at 10pm on Slice with Arisa Cox, Peter Brown, Gary Levy

HideMyAss.comFeeds are free once again for Canadians.. for the rest of us, Hola extension is working for some, and some are using a VPN.. I recommend HideMyAss, which is legit, secure, reasonably priced, and very easy to set up.. there are free VPNs out there but be very careful as many are prone to malware and viruses, and they can also be laggy (as is Hola much of the time).. also, HideMyAss sales from my links help me out a bit so thanks in advance! View feeds on this page

Once again, the fabulous UgotBronx is providing feed updates and screencaps every day - click Updates tab above to keep up and catch what you miss


For the friends and families

Steampunk hamster by LexLothor

So your spouse/significant other, sibling or child or cousin, or buddy or neighbor or co-worker has been cast on Big Brother, what fun! But you're in for a few surprises

First, realize the TV editors' job isn't to make your person look good: they're making a TV show.. they might put your person's worst or dumbest moments on the show, and they often specialize in "out of context".. nothing will change that, you just need to accept it

Second, the vast majority of BB fans and feedsters are fun, funny, kind-hearted people, but nearly all BB fans and most sites, myself included, have some fun at the hamsters' expense (I call them hamsters because watching live feeds is like watching and poking at hamsters in a cage).. some folks can take it to vicious, hateful extremes and others can become obsessive, stalkerish fanatics, and social media has magnified that exponentially in the last several years.. if you try to bait or argue with the haters or let the obsessive ones get too close, you'll probably regret it

Third, not everyone is going to love your person, no matter how much you think they should.. every single hamster has both fans and haters.. even the most popular ones have hardcore haters, and the least popular ones always have some dedicated fans.. your person is going to come home after all this and be whoever they were before, and that's what matters.. until then, count to ten before engaging with viewers of either extreme

Mostly just have fun, bookmark and save things you come across for your person when they get home, and try to relax - even/especially if they're about to be evicted.. they all survive

But don't take my word for it, read it from two who have been there: see For the friends and loved ones by BB15 Spencer Clawson's girlfriend Marilyn, about watching her guy on one of BB USA's most volatile seasons, and What it's really like to be the Mother of an All-Star by BB6/7 Janelle Pierzina's mom Ann.. ongoing thanks to both of them for sharing their thoughts


Hamsters, habitat, and spoilers, oh my!

Friends and family of cast members, if you've found your way here, welcome! I urge you to read the article For the friends and loved ones - you have no idea what you're in for, and some fans can be brutal.. better safe than sorry

Your cast, left to right, and my pre-season snap judgments are below - see their complete bios along with video intros and web links at Hamsterwatch Updates

Jordan Parhar 21, Cloverdale BC, history student - he knows BB and his be-likable-while-cutting-throats strategy could serve him well.. he's a Hamsterwatcher and that's always good for bonus points from me

Naeha Sareen 29, Toronto ON, chiropractor/entrepreneur - she's got some major smarts as well as glam, and she might be a competition beast - we'll see.. she watches BB Canada, USA, Australia, and India, which is 2 or 3 more than most, and I think she'll be decked out in a big way for eviction shows

Brittnee Blair 25, New York NY (orig Calgary AB), model - her modeling cred is legit, and she says she can cope with catty girls because of it - she'll need to.. I think the others will like her and let her stick around til mid-season or longer

Johnny Colatruglio 26, Winnipeg MB, IT project manager - hardcore feedster and Hamsterwatcher deluxe: McCrae's the only other former I've Twitter-followed before their season started.. he's fun and likable, knows the game inside and out, and I think he'll go far

Risha (Patricia) Denner 41, Toronto ON, unemployed waitress - she's 6'1", she wore a Jessica Rabbit dress for her official cast pic, and she doesn't seem to believe in bras.. one of her favorite things about Canada is "You turn on the tap on there's water" - 'nuff said

Godfrey Mangwiza 22, Toronto ON (orig Zimbabwe), psychology student - he says he'll whip up paranoia and that would be fun for us, but I don't really see him going through with it.. he's a self-professed catlady guy so he should be popular with viewers

Willow MacDonald 26, Calgary AB (orig Nova Scotia), sales & marketing rep - she's one of those rare female hamsters who's a regular person rather than a bland actormodel or ditzy dope, and she seems to have the smarts and savvy to go the distance

Zach Oleynik 22, Regina SK, pre-med student - he's highly competitive and a college quarterback, but plans to play a social game from within a showmance or bromance.. his mom does his laundry, and he mouthed off at BBCan1's Peter Brown quite spectacularly and obnoxiously

Sarah Hanlon 27, Toronto ON, "hemployee" (pot server at a vapor lounge) - hopefully she'll be more than she appears, but to me she appears to be a spacey blend of BB14's Ashley Iocco, BB11's Michele Noonan, and BBCan2's Anick Gervais

Graig Merritt 36, Pitt Meadows BC, pro baseball scout/coach - his baseball stuff is legit but he's going to lie about that and claim he's a Costco grunt, and he's also going to lie about his age - can you say early exit? He was going to be on last season but was in a bad car crash, so alternate Jon Pardy went in his place.. that worked out well for Jon, hundo

Bruno Ielo 31, Ottawa ON, construction worker - if I'm not mistaken, he's the only married one, and he's got two very young sons.. he seems smart and likable with a good shot to go far, but I just hope he doesn't develop a #DevinHasADaughter situation

Ashleigh Wood 21, Calgary AB, unemployed - she's here "for the adventure", her favorite thing about Canada is maple syrup, and I keep forgetting who she is

Kevin Martin 22, Calgary AB (orig Grand Prairie AB), poker player - yet another Dr Will wannabe.. remember Glass House's Primetime Alex? Arrogance personified with not much to back it up? Yeah, that guy

Pilar Nemer - 22, Dartmouth NS (orig Mexico), student - she goes by Pili, she's here "for the experience", and she might bring comic relief on a par with BBCan1's Talla Rejaei and BB16's Victoria Rafaeli, if we're lucky

Bobby Hlad 27, Oakville ON, rock climbing instructor - his BB idols are BBCan1's Emmett Blois and BBCan2's Jon Pardy (no surprise, going by looks/style anyway).. he applied because "some" of his girlfriends told him to

Sindy Nguyen 25, Toronto ON (orig Huntsville ON), assistant cruise director - the only thing anyone remembers is "with an S", making her a ridicule target right off the bat.. if she didn't make such a big deal of that, nobody would give it a second thought (see: Brittnee or Graig) but she does, so I've changed my Twitter spelling to Hamsterwatsh in tribute

The habitat is a steampunk explosion - they really went all out this year, and it's spectacular.. there's some very creative lighting and a lot of unique accent pieces including a pipe organ-ish wall and a giant bubble tank, plus gears, chains, metals, portholes and hatches everywhere.. they also included some lacy Victoriana, as steampunk should

Reminder: the entire habitat is indoors, including the backyard.. the only area with outdoor exposure is the hot tub, which doubles as the smokers' alliance headquarters


Spoilers! Since they insist on taping "live" shows ahead of time up north (and since I still have some reliable sources for such things), we already know quite a bit

- Bedrooms were locked and they had to earn access to them, as well as having to earn all furniture including beds, and their own clothing
- Have-not room has a hidden "power" of some sort, possibly hidden under the floor
- There was no move-in HOH comp: instead, they all nominated two others for eviction in Diary, international BB style.. Sindy and Risha got the most votes and were nominated
- Kevin and Zach were picked to play veto, and possibly Godfrey and Bobby (my source wasn't 100% on who's who yet)
- One report said viewers will vote the first eviction - I can't confirm that
- Twistos Twists will start up in the first or second week

That's it for now.. I don't know yet how much I'll post here on the site as we go, but I'll be having fun on Twitter and again, click the Updates tab up top for feeds play-by-play once they start.. please remember to use my Amazon link for any/all purchases from Amazon USA or Canada.. sincere thanks as always for your support and for encouraging my behavior - you and me to the end!


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Viewers can earn points in a variety of ways and influence the game in small and big ways. The home game will also have voting to determine which room Feed 5 should watch, and a contest to appear on the show.


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