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May 24: Price Is Right Big Brother edition

June 7: BB UK - watch live with HMA

June 13: BB18 cast reveal
June 22: BB18 premiere
June 23: Feeds begin


Brothers (Phil) won Part 1
Kelsey won Part 2 and 3
Kelsey evicted Tim
Brothers won the season 7-2


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Recap of the Daily Recaps

February thru May 2016 - Post-season
Save the date(s); Big Brother Canada 4; Reality Rally; Gran Hermano US; Celebrity Big Brother

September 23 - Day 98 - Finale - Steve Part 3 & Final HOH - Steve won the season 6-3
Farewell to feeds; Finale finally; Star of the Season; Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Ratings: That's all folks edition

September 19-20-21-22 - Days 94-95-96-97
The elephant; Merry Christmas; Dog days, without the dog; Pick a card; How to pick a winner; Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Ratings: Endgame edition

September 14-15-16-17-18 - Days 89-90-91-92-93 - Austin evicted - Steve HOH - Vanessa veto - Johnny evicted - Vanessa Part 1 - Steve Part 2
"That's it, we're done"; Rolling along; So long Johnny, again; Night circus; Shoeless Judas; Tie-dye time; Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Ratings: Final Four Three edition

September 10-11-12-13 - Days 85-86-87-88 - Julia evicted - Vanessa HOH - Johnny veto
Scamper Squad splinters; Skittling; Tick tock; Twistus interruptus; Taste the rainbow; Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Ratings: TBA edition

September 7-8-9 - Days 82-83-84
Groundhog Day; Setting the trap; Labor Day; Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Ratings: TBA edition

September 5-6 - Days 80-81 - Austin veto
They're back; Spinny tutus; Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Ratings: No edition

September 3-4 - Days 78-79 - Meg evicted - Liz HOH - James evicted - Steve HOH
Suckers; Nervousing; Two down, six to go; Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Ratings: No edition

August 31-September 1-2 - Days 75-76-77
Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Rolly-ball; Operation Trojan Horse; Pleas and no thank you; Ratings: Camp Letters special edition

August 29-30 - Days 73-74 - James veto
Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Pik-a-stix; "For you, Baleigh"; As Vanessa's wheels turn; Ratings: Revive-a-Hamster edition

August 27-28 - Days 71-72 - Johnny evicted and revived - Vanessa HOH
Celebrity BB: UK versus USA; Gum slops; Meanwhile back in Studio City; "Epic battle"; Ratings: Revive-a-Hamster edition

August 24-25-26 - Days 68-69-70
Rock, paper, scissors; Celebrity Big Brother; On a personal note; Another lawsuit; Lions Tigers and gazelles; Ratings: Dingbot 1999 special edition

August 22-23 - Days 66-67 - Vanessa veto
Vanessa at work; Ding dong; Ratings: Dingbot 1999 special edition

August 20-21 - Days 64-65 - Becky evicted - Austin HOH
Two hats; But first; Ready, Set, Wut; Ratings: TBA edition

August 17-18-19 - Days 61-62-63
Insert a toe pun here; Hamsters behind bars; Losers corner; BB Chopped; Ratings: Rabies 101 edition

August 15-16 - Days 59-60 - Liz veto
Game changer; Waiting for OTEV, or Zingbot, or whatever; Candy wars; Ratings: Rabies 101 edition

August 13-14 - Days 57-58 - Shelli evicted - Steve HOH - John veto - Jackie evicted - Liz HOH
Pork chops and beefcakes; Man of the hour; Double down; Here we go again; Ratings: TBA edition

August 10-11-12 - Days 54-55-56
Flips and flops; Shirtgage; Black Friday Boss; Marooned 3.0; Ratings: Leaning Hamsters edition

August 8-9 - Days 52-53 - Steve veto
Calm before the storm; The plot thickens; No direct communication; Ratings: Tinfoil Hats edition

August 6-7 - Days 50-51 - Clay evicted - Becky HOH
Sloppy buns; All the popcorn; Slip 'n slide; Ratings: TBA edition

August 3-4-5 - Days 47-48-49 - halfway point
Operation Redirect and Minimize; Pics and nips; Green double zeroes; Scrambled hamsters; Perry plus a guessing game; Ratings: Dead Man's Chess special edition

August 1-2 - Days 45-46 - James veto
Shelli battles on; Good old days; Tragic kingdom; Spin the bottle; Ratings: Payback edition

July 30-31 - Days 43-44 - Jason evicted - Julia entered - James HOH
Lollislops; Crouching Status Tiger Thing; Eleventh hour fail; To the wall; Ratings: Payback edition

July 27-28-29 - Days 40-41-42
Go-to move; Blindside; Ratings: Straight Shooter Solo Dolo edition

July 25-26 - Days 38-39 - Clay veto
Renom roulette; Slopcorn; Poop meets fan; Ratings: Spirit Animals very special edition

July 23-24 - Days 36-37 - Audrey evicted - Vanessa HOH
Johnny gets a bye; True something; Feet of the beefcakes; Foolproof; Ratings: No edition

July 20-21-22 - Days 33-34-35
Thunder Road; Marooned 2.0; Hamster loony bin; Ratings: Hamsters Prefer Blondes edition

July 18-19 - Days 31-32 - Vanessa veto
There isn't enough popcorn; But that's not all; Wackstreet's wack, all right; Wack and wacker; Ratings: No edition

July 16-17 - Days 29-30 - Jeff evicted - Shelli HOH
No pinkyswears; GrungeBob Go Ants; 90s Week; A new regime (not really); Ratings: Twist-free edition

July 13-14-15 - Days 26-27-28
Loveline; Date night and 90 Percentgate; Cheese day; Party's over; Ratings: Deathrace 2015 special edition

July 11-12 - Days 24-25 - John veto
Party on Wayne, party on Garth; She said, she said; Party time; Ratings: Everyone's a Twin edition

July 9-10 - Days 22-23 - Da'Vonne evicted - Vanessa HOH
Block party down; Twinformation; A new week; Ratings: TBA edition

July 6-7-8 - Days 19-20-21
Beefcakes; Selfieville; Twinquisition; It is done; Talk show got real; Ratings: TBA edition

July 4-5 - Days 17-18
4th of July; At the end of the bloody hands; Ratings: For the Lulz edition

July 2-3 - Days 15-16 - Jace evicted - Shelli HOH - John veto
Unofficial Fast Forward; There will be blood; Pep squad; Ratings: Getting to Know You edition

June 29-30-July 1 - Days 12-13-14
Prom; Battle of the bees; What the mess; Vibes and vibes alone; Smackdown; Ratings: Getting to Know You edition

June 26-27-28, 2015 - Days 9-10-11 - Steve veto
Dissension in the ranks; Escalation to Songgate; Who's on first?; Parannoying; Ratings: Full Shred Chaos edition

June 25, 2015 - Day 8 - Premiere #2 - Feeds begin - James HOH
We got feeds! almost; We got feeds! for real; Ratings: Crescent Fresh 14 edition

June 24, 2015 - Day 7 - Premiere #1
We're off!; Premiere Day; Stickynotegate; Don't sleep; Ratings: Crescent Fresh 14 edition

June 2015 - Pre-season
A sniffle and a twist; The Fresh 14; Summer is coming; Did somebody get recruited?; Is somebody getting Jodi'd?; For the friends and families

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Wednesday's live BB17 90-minute finale placed third for 9:30-10:00 with 2.2 rating, 7 share, 6.49 million viewers, behind Empire season premiere on FOX with 6.5/20/16.02, and Blackish season premiere on ABC with 2.4/7/7.30, and ahead of Law and Order SVU season premiere on NBC with 1.7/6/8.20. Big Brother rose to second for 10:00-11:00, ahead of Nashville season premiere on ABC with 1.3/4/5.00.

Rating & share = adults 18-49
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV


Big Brother 17 FAQ
Day 1 move-in was June 18
Day 7 CBS premiere was June 24
Day 98 finale was September 23

Feeds were streamed by CBS, and Flashback remains accessible via All Access subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

CBS shows were Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, eviction Thursdays 9pm (Global in Canada).

Big Brother After Dark was on POP (formerly TVGN). It airs Monday, Tuesday 11pm-2am; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday midnight-2am; Thursday 1am-3am. The aired blocks are recorded earlier on the same night.

The CBS app (by CBS Interactive) plays BB air shows and other CBS shows, but not feeds. Use your browser to watch feeds on mobile devices. The same All Access link used to subscribe will lead to the feeds viewing page if you're already signed up.

Liz and Julia had to survive five evictions in order to play separately as individuals, which they did, with Julia officially entering the game on Day 43. They switched places every few days. They had a limited time in Diary to change clothes, adjust their appearance, and exchange info. The non-playing twin was sequestered in a 'house,' possibly the jury house.

BB17 prizes were the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week again, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Recruits or those with established pre-season fan bases might get more.

The habitat has 80 HD cameras (up four) and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.


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