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Power Status

Paloma is gone

Head of Household: Daniel
Backstage Boss: Pooch (no comps, no vote, immunity)
Backstage Pass: Alyssa, Brittany, Paloma (no comps, no vote)
Backstage Pass Safety: TBA (immunity)
Have-nots: Joseph, Kyle, Michael, Monte
Original noms: Michael, Terrance
Veto winner/outcome: Michael/used on self
Final noms: Taylor, Terrance
Evicted: TBA

Alliance charts by @89razorskate20

Alliance maps by @Dolffica

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls4

Ratings Watch
Sunday's show placed first with 0.7 rating and 3.270 million viewers, ahead of Celebrity Family Feud premiere on ABC with 0.6/4.621, The Simpsons and Great North reruns on FOX with 0.2/0.649 and 0.1/0.473, and Dancing With Myself rerun on NBC with 0.1/0.610.
Overnight rating: adults 18-49, percent of all TV households

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Thursdays: Eviction run-thru afternoon*, live eviction show 5pm*, HOH room late evening
Fridays: Nominations late afternoon*
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Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 8 - Wednesday - July 13, 2022

Eviction and Backstage whatever loomed a day closer so nervousing for several of them ratcheted up a notch. Brittany, aware she's in some trouble but probably not how much, talked with Michael and said maybe she should just lay low and not talk game? He said it's probably okay to talk a little game, depending who it's with. Daniel later stressed to her that it's okay to talk game! Daniel and Ameerah calmed Alyssa's fears, saying nobody's dropped her name as a target or talked bad about her. Paloma wasn't seen on feeds a lot today, and it's anyone's guess why (but of course there's a ton of speculation and assumptions, both in there and out here).

Interestingly, press QAs with tomorrow's evictee will happen on Tuesday rather than Friday as usual. That could mean something as far as how the game and twist might unfold, or it might not. We'll find out.

Taylor held a number of convos with others and herself, and she did some BB Math with what she'd been told. She told herself/us if there's a Backstage shuffle, "Paloma isn't an option, it has to be Brittany.. I have to get off the block and put up Brittany." So Paloma's sweet-talk to her face seems to have done what it was intended to do. Taylor told Terrance that neither of them can go, referencing Cookout and saying they were what got her into BB. She gave Indy a dress that she said was too short for her, which Indy and the others present loved on her. (That could end up being an issue later - you know how they are.) Alyssa told Taylor she doesn't talk game or alliances with anyone (ha!), and gave her word she'd protect Taylor if she ends up having a vote.

Brittany said she wouldn't tell them she's a professional hypnotherapist, and I don't think she did, but she demonstrated she definitely knows how to do it by leading a dozen of them in a full-blown relaxation hypnosis session. Jasmine and Ameerah sat out and Paloma was still AWOL, but the ones who participated said afterwards it was wonderful and very effective, with a few comments about how Brittany could do it for pay. Turner fell asleep and started snoring, but the rest of them seemed to follow her very capable lead and got a lot out of it. Backstage speculation picked up again after that, along with various groups chats. And Taylor continued her quiet one-on-one pitches here and there, putting in work in hopes of getting the votes to stay.

Feeds went to anipals at 8.42pm and shortly after that, a source informed me that Paloma was gone, out of the house and the game. Whether medical or voluntary elimination, I don't know and we may never know. If medical, there are privacy issues for the show to consider. We'll see how they announce it on tomorrow's show.

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Day 7 - Tuesday - July 12, 2022

Paloma continued her erratic behavior, speedtalking things like "it's turned into BB podcast at this point, at this point we're all fuckin superhuman geniuses Elon Musks.. I'm freaking out, I'm totally in Inception now," and "if you want to escape this place, you need to know how to work this place," and asking for a Harry Potter invisible cloak, and telling the guys "to break this curse or whatever the fuck we're in, you guys need to eat a piece of bread, you guys need to have a meal, and we'll wake up," and she's getting messages from God via tea bags, and "the metaverse is pissed at us right now.. we're about to take down Bitcoin, the fuckin metaverse, the whole goddamn world with this experiment.. we are a social experiment that probably saved humanity from the fuckin metaverse."

I get irritated at all the armchair psychologists diagnosing hamsters through a screen, but I believe we are seeing a health crisis unfolding here. I'll just leave it at that and we'll see what happens.

Elsewhere it was a lot of chit-chat and working out. Taylor and Terrance did some low-key campaigning but they all know Taylor will be voted out so there isn't the vote frenzy we often get at this point in the week. And there was a lot of talk about next week but I generally don't follow too much of that kind of thing closely because they'll do it all again when the time comes. But for what it's worth, Brittany and Michael seemed to be mentioned most as the next potential targets, along with Indy.


There were a lot of general convo group chats today. Paloma returned from a lengthy-ish absence from Diary and/or napping and seemed a bit calmer, though she gradually got back to her Simulation theme. At one point she said Turner didn't know where Berkeley was, and she said it's in Palo Alto, California - hello, no, it's in Berkeley. Someone who went to school there would know that. And she said after Berkeley she was confused whether Black or African-American was the proper term and she asked Taylor what she prefers. Taylor said Black, and gave a short history of terminology. Indy jumped in to say it wasn't Taylor's or any POC's responsibility to continually educate, and people should do their own research: "go to Google." Hear hear!

Alyssa told Indy and Jasmine that Brittany said no one will look her in the eyes, and that she didn't want her to feel bad. And she told them anything they say to Paloma can get twisted so be careful what they say. She explained the Taylor/Monte/Paloma stuation to them, adding "so just don't say anybody's name, ever." The Have-not guys didn't eat at midnight, even though they started slop on Wednesday. Maybe they didn't ask? Maybe they'll have to go an extra day.

IF YOU MISSED what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

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Day 6 - Monday - July 11, 2022

They were woken up early but they still didn't know if veto meeting would be today or not, so the morning was a lot of waiting around and chatting. Another life skills/relationships talk broke out upstairs, and Taylor socialized with Ameerah, Jasmine, Alyssa for awhile. That looked fine and friendly on the surface, but it will probably be twisted around for something to dwell on later. The girls' and now almost the whole cast's treatment of Taylor has reached outside our usually-insulated BB world, so that tally has kicked off for the season. Paloma put their rulebook in the living room saying they "need some order" in there. Her game style seems to be a lot of nonstop fast talking to dazzle and distract plus do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, and most of them are buying it. But Monte griped about her a bit to his fellow Have-nots overnight, so her time of running the house might be ending sooner than later.

Michael used his veto on himself obviously and Daniel put up Taylor in his place, as laboriously planned. Apparently he said something about her having rubbed people the wrong way as his Reason. Feeds came back to Paloma peptalking her, saying she's here for her and other sincere-sounding, syrupy platitudes that were total 180s from everything she's said about Taylor behind her back. Alyssa joined in and when they left, Taylor broke down. But once again she rebounded fast and got to work making rounds. Kyle and Pooch made some comments about Paloma's continual wigging out. Ameerah asked Taylor outright about the Monte/Paloma mess, and Taylor said she'd told Monte to talk to the girls because it looked like the guys were going to come for them. Monte later talked anti-Taylor to Joseph and Michael. Monte seems to be as manipulative game-wise as Paloma, in my opinion, but he's way more subtle about it. So far.

The selfie camera came out and most of them amped up for a bit to play happy tv characters for that, like they do. Brittany had a breakdown in the pantry, mostly due to stress about not knowing how Backstage will play out and if she'll be a victim of it. Joseph did a good job comforting and peptalking her. Pooch and Brittany also talked but Pooch announced later that she's his next target for [allegedly] lying about Ameerah throwing out Pooch's name. So here we go again.

Other key convos included Michael and Kyle discussing their respective places in the game. Michael admitted he's a superfan and Kyle said he'd keep that to himself, and Kyle subtly offered Michael a Final Two. Michael sounded agreeable but didn't specifically accept. Michael knows Kyle is allianced up elsewhere so is probably being cautious, understandably, but there does seem to an unspoken understanding between them now.


And Taylor and Monte finally talked about the Big [Alleged] Lie situation, retelling that now-old convo they had with each other, with apologies for misunderstanding, spreading, and so forth. Monte said "I didn't expect once I told Paloma that it would turn into a whole firecracker show in here." (I think he knew full well it would and that's why he did it, after sitting on it for nearly two days.) Taylor said if Terrance comes off the block she'd appreciate his vote, and said she'd like to work with him going forward if she stays. Monte said "yeah, 100%" and said he thinks she will stay, and will win HOH. He did not say he was instrumental in Daniel's final decision to put her on the block.

Ameerah questioned Brittany about the Pooch convo earlier, saying she'd only told the girls about wanting to target Pooch so someone must have spilled. She stressed that the girls alliance had to be solid, and they shouldn't join any other alliances. Brittany denied saying anything but was clearly rattled. She said "this game is stressful" and Jasmine - who isn't OTB or Backstage - said "welcome to Big Brother." When left alone, Brittany said to herself/us "I screwed up." Most of the guys plus Nicole and Indy came up with a game at the dining/pool table involving spinning planet balls into the "pool" section. Later a big group played PG truth or dare, followed by sharing first impressions of each other. Paloma wasn't everywhere today as much as she has been, and she had some erratic convos that had most feedsters wondering what was going on with her.

IF YOU MISSED what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

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Ratings - Second Impressions edition

Ratings are Saturday's, based on entertainment value

Noms count: original/renom/twist

I'm giving them ups for first night/week feeds, and for not many feeds blocks so far, and for coming back immediately after noms and veto comp. They usually do that but Canada's 10th season wasn't long ago and they've never done their feedsters courtesies like that so it's always refreshing to get back to how it should be. The feeds seem a bit brighter this year, but not very crisp or clear? Maybe that's my tired eyes.

Won: Week 1 Backstage Pass

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


I don't have much on her yet except she's a charter member of the Taylor Hate Train. I don't know why they hate her so much but it's just making them all look petty and immature.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


I want to like her, but I'm not sure yet if I do. She needs to step it up in the personality and/or entertainment department a bit.
Update: Nope.

Won: Week 1 Backstage Pass

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


She's getting busy game-wise and that's good for her, but whenever she gets talking her facial expressions rotate so fast, through so many variations, it's fascinating and highly entertaining, and that's good for us. #BrittanyFaces

Won: TBA

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


What is this tall guy/brojock thing about and why? He probably wants to be permabonded to them to steamroll through the game, but he could have buddied up with Michael and possibly gone farther, as the workout brojocks are likely to cut him before each other. His partnership with Nicole is legit as they share info with each other that doesn't go beyond, but they think they're being stealthy about it. They're not.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


She's a new 'type' for us and that's always welcome. She's not doing much game-wise (so far?) but she's fun, funny, and friendly, and she has the kind of stories we haven't heard before.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


See Alyssa, with the addition that some of her stories and daily adventures might not be matching up, already. I'm keeping an eye on those.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


I don't have much on him yet except he seems like a good guy, a great human, and maybe he's too nice for this game. Ups for announcing he doesn't want to walk around shirtless for fear of offending someone. I know that disappoints a lot of you, and while it's not about being offended, I am just sick of hamster brojocks walking around in their skin all summer. I'm here for unique and engaging personalities and/or stellar gameplay rather than buff bodies. And yes I realize that's a minority opinion.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


So far I find him bland and boring. Maybe he'll improve.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 1


He had a disastrous social start which landed him on the block, but that kick-started his game and between winning the veto when he had to and being aware that he's not a charter member of Mamba alliance, he's now in a good spot going into next week.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 1


I haven't seen much to go on yet for him.
Update: He kicked off the Saturday night anti-Taylor frenzy by telling Paloma that Taylor said Paloma wanted to target him and the guys. Paloma did say that to Taylor, but none of them have bothered to get her side of it. Not that they'd believe her at this point, but still.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


I like her from what I've seen so far and I hope I continue to.

Won: Week 1 Backstage Pass

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


See Alyssa re Taylor Hate Train, with the addition that she's the conductor of that train. On top of that, she's BUSY BUSY BUSY nonstop scurrying and scheming, allying and gossiping. All that's fine and can be good BB, but she talks so fast and so nonstop it stresses me out. I can't listen to her for more than a few minutes.
Update: BB hasn't had a villain of this caliber for years. But she's not a 'love to hate' type villain, she's just awful.

Won: Week 1 Backstage Boss/immunity

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


See Paloma re continual scheming and speedtalking. Once I realized his accent and way of speaking reminds me of Bear from Alaskan Bush People I can't unhear it. And I can't figure out how Staten Island sounds like Pacific Northwest.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1/0 - HN 0


The girls hate her like Maggie/Ivette/April hated Janelle. Maybe more. She's surely aware of it but hasn't acknowledged it, at least not that I'm aware of. I don't know if we'll end up with open hostilities like we did back then, but it would liven up the feeds if we did.

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0/0 - HN 0


He's pleasant, genuine, calm on the block, and funny. What's not to like?

Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


Somehow a thrift store mogul/artist/alt culture type with two-tone hair ended up in the brojocks club. Go figure!

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0/0 - HN 0


He was replaced pre-season by Joseph, but you can catch him on America's Got Talent and The Circle.

Lines and Links of the Day


Alyssa: This is airing in Canada too this year
[like every year]

Daniel: I don't talk about politics, I don't choose sides, I have nothing at stake, it's not me

Jasmine: I'm not really funny, I just say stuff

Paloma: God talked to me

Paloma: I already planned my escape out of here, I'm borrowing Kylie Jenner's fuckin - I lined it up okay? Kylie Jenner's pink ass fuckin private jet is waiting for me

Kyle: Coming in to the game, we watched that sensitivity training or whatever about like unconscious bias..
Taylor: I used to lead trainings like that!

Paloma: Nobody can watch live feeds for six days straight

Michael: Nine times out of ten, the alliance names people come up with are stupid, I don't care if there's a name



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Xavier about Taylor's treatment

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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Flashback times are Pacific/BB time

Booze deliveries: 2
-Day 1 move-in champagne
-Day 1 Daniel's HOH wine

Broken habitat items: 3
-HOH doorbell
-Shower shelf

Scandals outside our BB world: 2
-Marvin's reality career
-Taylor's ostracization

Pre-season cast swaps: 1
Joseph for Marvin

I won't be tallying pinkyswears anymore since they are no longer the currency of the hamster realm - pinkies are as likely to be lies as anything else they say these days.


Production Goofs

 1 Wrong show time on Julie's Twitter
 2 Misspelled 'feisty'
 3 Press pics misspelled Paloma's first and last names
 4 CBS cast page requires a few toggles to get to the current cast
 5 CBS ad labeled Pooch as an attorney
 6 Staffers seen in the backyard
 7 After Dark is STILL on P+ main BB page
 8 Veto comp setup seen on feeds
 9 Fly on the Wall site still shows BBAD
10 Anipals on feeds, for quite awhile
11 Press pics misspelled Pooch's last name

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Daniel

Veto winners in order: Michael

Evictions in order: TBA

Cast Twitters: TBA

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-Week 1 Pooch picked Backstage Boss card at move-in
-He had Week 1 immunity, couldn't compete or vote
-He picked Alyssa, Brittany, Paloma for Backstage
-They couldn't compete, be nominated, or vote
-They weren't guaranteed safety



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