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hamster7/1/05 - Preshow prep

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dingo's house tour

Everything you need to know is summed up in this shot: we've got the "Surreal Life" nightmare color scheme; sofas pulled out of last year's Diary Room; the kind of murky "stains won't show" carpet that people with kids and pets get; off-white "stains will show" eviction chairs.. We've got a recycled videodisc for a table (CBS prolly has warehouses full of 'em) and then you notice the suggestive little items scattered around - the hamsters will too - I give them 10 minutes before someone mentions clothespins and nipples in the same sentence.. and what's on the other end of that brown handle - is it a knife? Flyswatter? Marvin's BBQ spatula? Riding crop?? Yep, with hamsters who are mostly younger than compact discs, it's gonna be pervy innuendo all the way this year, with CBS providing the props that'll encourage them to give up TMI too soon

Update I think maybe it's just a mic.. but I'm sticking to my clothespins & nipples prediction, even though we won't see their first 10 minutes inside, boo

Download their wallpaper here and your computer can match the habitat living room - use "tile" setting.. they stole it from Win98 and so did I

House Calls will be back with Marcellas, weekdays live at 10am BB/Pacific time - 1pm Eastern, starting July 8

Disgruntled so soon Jennifer's official CBS pic has changed - top is the original, bottom the replacement - thanks bigbrotherislove for finding the swapped pics (on a Living With ADD site, no less)

I bet it's that sticky-out bit of hair on her left that's the problem

Luckily Jen's got a good agent looking out for her to fix these things.. she's got a bio page at IMDB which a lot of big(ger) stars don't have.. funny thing though, the bio was posted by Pamela Jagger-Purcel, who hasn't posted anyone else's stuff there! Exclusive agent? Oh wait, Pamela's a Dallas Desperados person too - maybe they have a Big Sis/Little Sis Helping Hand For Rising Stars program, or something

Just think of the recalled press kits, hallway reframing jobs, tossed competition placards, junked Morph-O-Matic apparatus, etc. this has caused CBS - and on a Friday before a long weekend, too - BB interns are wishing they'd gone to camp now

Update Scratch the reframing - hallway pics are electronic this year.. but the interns are still busy catching up on the other stuff

Snippet du jour "Put the Ambien aside - you won't need it. 'Big Brother' is back with more non-dramatic reality television featuring people you would never want to meet." - The News & Observer, North Carolina

I feel kinda bad for the person who landed here by using the search string "do hamster sleep too much when it is pregnant" (yep somebody really did)

Is it me, or is Mrs. Moonves featured a lot more prominently on the CBS site than Ms. Chen ever was?

6/30/05 - Digging deeper

Speculation lots of it - lots of clues and guesses about who's with who but nothing definitive yet has an exclusive video House tour with Julie & Alison - 7 minutes, Windows media player (what happened to Diane & Drew?)

Another day, another new ad - shot at the same time as their official pics.. Beau is fabulous! even if he does say so himself

If you're in SoCal you can go the 4th of July shebang on the studio lot and snoop around.. please report back what you find out

Janelle is all over the web - <koff> says she was in "Son of the Beach" and had a Comedy Central cooking show

Word on the street says Ivette is gay - this personals page has no pic, but the facts line up

James' page on the same site indicates he's just a lil bit conservative (I can't figure how Pearl Jam fits in with the rest).. he also says "I'm rather boring. Actually... I am booooooooooooring" but tequila and vodka makes him turn into Rick James - bring on the tequila & vodka! Blog link there says his pal Dustin will be posting for him while he's locked up

I am smashing the Howie porn star rumor: the Howie Gordon of porn fame was making movies in the 70s as Richard Pacheco - he is a "porn legend" but too old for this Real World crew.. (if you are old enough you can see a porn-Howie video)

Kaysar was reportedly born in Baghdad.. in April '99 he gave his unusual non-committal response to a UC Irvine question about the student center: "I find nothing I like over there. There is a women's lingerie place; I don't find it useful."

Eric shows up as a local fireman in city council minutes for Las Vegas rather than Boston(?).. April's horsies have won some prizes.. Maggie, Rachel and Sarah are mostly under the radar, dirt-wise - give it time, we still have a week to go

6/29/05 - The digging begins

Update So soon? Yep.. today's ratings prediction of Janelle pics showing up is hopelessly stale-dated already.. Leave it to Aldav to turn up the goods.. here she is courtesy of Trashy Lingerie and - and who knew? "VIP cocktail waitress" translates to actress/model! (this time only)

In Ashlea's case, "fashion design student" means that: here she is modeling a Halloween ladybug costume last fall for designer Kristen Robinson at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.. but it also means actress/model - amazing! Her resume says she was in From Justin to Kelly - maybe they told her what a good gig a reality show can be.. I'm not going to address the tranny rumors about her though - not til I see her hands

Check out Michael's drawings Blackberry posted - sure looks like Janelle, doesn't it? No, I will not post the phone number I found, but here's his bio/resume/life history - pack a lunch - he sounds very rich and very educated, but he links to a famous project in Dubai when describing Abu Dhabi (where he went to high school).. huh? Oh well, same country, right Mike? <blink>

Here's Jennifer at work, cheering for the Dallas Desperados.. lots of cameras, playing to crowds, and rubbing elbows with celebs on their site - note she signs her name "Jen" on the autographed poster of them ($12)

Beau's personals profile says he's looking to date men.. get used to his lucky orange shirt - he wore it when he posed with Paris Hilton too.. Lots of his site friends and theirs are based in Miami Beach - Ivette is Miami Beach, so is Janelle

6/29/05 - Hamster roll call

Ladies and gentlemen, start your cage wheels

The new mug shots are here, and we have a group that looks like a daytime soap cast.. The odds are good that this season will have more cumulative mirror time than ever before, and every corner of the new house will have a new hormonal challenge for these young 'n pretties to face

Until CBS gets their interview videos up, we have only appearances and cheesy questionnaire answers to go on.. let the judgements commence!

Remember, we have a pre-season home game this time - your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to draw in your dotted line guesses for the ready-made alliances

So who knows who in this group? Lots of Floridians here, but I'm guessing if the pairings are too easy for us to guess based on surface stats, they'd be too easy for them to figure out too.. and that would spoil the Big Twist

Speaking of which, have you seen the new ads? First they say about last year's brother & sister Twist "when their identities were revealed it blew the roof off the house!" Hmmm I seem to recall it was more of a non-event..

Then they go on to say what a Superhuge Supertwist they have this year, and how Superstupendous it will be.. all followed by a graphic promising 14 STRANGERS

Make up your mind, CBS.. they know each other or they don't - I'd hate to have to pull you out of neutral before the show even starts

It looks like this will be the Year of the Foos - all that clickety-clack-clacking will be worse than hot tub bubbles for audio clarity - and.. what's this? Big Brother left a big ol' pile of pot for them? Well that might make things interesting.. their questionnaire responses don't sound too promising


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HamsterWatch ratings are under way! Daily updates once the feeds start.. for now, we have only appearances to go on.. muahahaa. You & me to the end!

Everyone starts with a neutral, even these guys, although they are already on thin ice with the 'Summer of Secrets' (SOS!) thing. The New Big Huge Gigantic TWIST will likely be figured out in no time, and backfire like last year's genetic experiment gone bad. But I am going in with an open mind, and ever hoping to get offered a dream job (or any job) from them (or anyone), so I'll be kind until they deserve otherwise.

30 - newlywed
Dallas TX
Pharmaceutical sales rep

Looks like she's playing it safe: all her listed favorites are popular and uncontroversial. She may be our resident anorexic (PB&J days will be a breeze.) As the requisite cute blonde she'll be a target for the other chicks but the guys will want to keep her around, and some will hope she isn't too committed to that 'newlywed' thing.

22 - single
Plantation, FL
Fashion design student

Check off 'Diane type' on the casting sheet. Her faves are a little diverse but still very safe - she balanced out Black Eyed Peas & Staind (not Stained - error #1 for CBS) with Mariah Carey. Looks like she'll try hard to appear edgy and unique, but deep down she's prolly 'nice' and 'normal' and will be overwhelmed sooner or later.

25 - single
Pembroke Pines, FL
Personal shopper

He likes chick flicks, 'Legally Blonde', apple martinis, and E! - could this be our token homosexual? Looks possible. And the token black as well, how convenient for the casting department. Smart enough to list 'Big Brother' as a fave tv show, but not smart enough to omit Dakota Fanning as a fave actress. She may be good, but 'inappropriate' has tricky definitions lately.

36 - married dad
Boston, MA

He may look like Bunky but everything indicates 'all-American 100% male' (he will emphasize '100%'.) 'Godfather' and 'Goodfellas', DeNiro and Pacino, Life cereal, weightlifting and hockey. As the old man here, he'll need everything he's got to find a balance between cool older brother and nagging dad. He likes Creed too - that may be a red flag.

34 - single
Chicago, IL
Meteorology student

Sounds like Howie wants to be a tv weatherman. Gotta wonder what he's been doing til now, and why he still goes by 'Howie'. He likes action movies and seems a shoe-in for resident jock, except that his favorite foods are a healthy diet's nightmare. He will likely be the swoony one, and possibly the one with the least to say, but he's a drinker and that's always promising.

25 - single
Miami Beach, FL

The Lisa-Lori type that Arnie demands from the casting department every year. She balances favorites 'The L Word' with 'Pretty Woman' and the Killers with shopping & TV watching. Her only listed alcoholic drink is Malibu Baybreeze.. she might not be much fun at booze time. She may be a bit of an artsy type, but I have a feeling she requires designer tags on everything.

29 - single
Atlanta, GA
Loss prevention manager

(Does that mean security guard for Target?) Seems to be a healthier eater than the others, to the point of mixing his vodka with diet soda. He looks like the guy who hasn't changed since he was ten.. that could be why he's into working out. Dave Chappelle and the History Channel are an odd mix, and he's got 'Benny & Joon' and Pearl Jam in there for retro appeal. He likes all sports except golf - uh oh.. maybe he didn't watch last year.

25 - single
Miami Beach, FL
VIP cocktail waitress

Not just any cocktail waitress, mind you.. be sure to get that VIP in there. She looks like the most likely to show up in Playboy the week after BB wraps, or the one whose prior Playboy pics will be dug up while she's inside. We really shouldn't judge too quickly, but the rest of them will - I have a feeling she'll be out soonish. She prefers champagne and co-blondes Marilyn Monroe, Charlize Theron and Gwen Stefani - but she's a romantic at heart, opting for 'Casablanca' and 'Gone with the Wind' after her VIP workday is over. Her #1 sport to play is.. cheerleading.


27 - single
Plano, TX
Arena football league dancer

Another cheerleader, and a far cry from last year's Jennifer. She looks like this year's party girl that males and females will both like. She drinks mudslides, pineapple juice and Bacardi Coco (together?) and she tempers edgy film picks 'Vanilla Sky' and 'Fight Club' with 'Newlyweds Nick & Jessica' and 'Meet the Barkers'.. I am going out on a limb and guessing she wants a husband ASAP. She's headed for an early negative making me change layout code before they've even started, jeesh!

24 - single
Irvine, CA
Graphic designer

I am guessing he's pronounced like Kaiser (Kie'zer). He shows 'No favorite' for almost every category. He did commit to Penelope Cruz, basketball, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Mrs. Fields white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.. so at least we know his priorities. He looks like the studious type token (BB1 Curtis) - let's hope he has studied past seasons or he's likely to bounced out on his macadamia nut, quicklike.

26 - single
Las Vegas, NV
Emergency room nurse

Finally, someone trained to deal with spring breakers who've had too much to drink! She looks and sounds really nice - too nice to be on this show - Dave Matthews, baseball, barbecues, every kind of music except heavy metal, etc. She'll inspire a lot of sexy nurse jokes (and angst) among feeders, and will likely endear herself to her habitat companions.. but April & Janelle will still be known as the blondes onboard.

28 - single
Orange County, CA

I admit, I had him pegged as this year's Hardy boy til I saw 'artist'.. but I'm still going to guess he put 'artist' because it sounded better than 'unemployed' or 'living off Mom & Dad'.. but hey, I'm ready to be surprised (beyond ready!) His choices are very carefully selected to be 'different': Inter Milan soccer, music from opera to electronic (with emphasis on GnR), Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett. He might be a stoner beach dude, or he might be The Smart One. We'll find out soon enough.

33 - single
Parker, CO
Horse breeder

Meet your new mom, kids. She looks like a sure bet for the nice, wholesome, sympathetic listener role who doesn't mind washing the dishes every night. She might even blush when some drinky someone asks her about the uhh.. physical logistics of 'horse breeding' - if they ask suggestively anyway; otherwise she'll prolly explain. She has a favorite everything except music.

22 - single
Chicago, IL
Retail manager

The perky one. She likes 'anything funny or romantic' and musically 'everything but rap'. She'll prolly like everyone and everyone will like her (unless she's militant about not liking rap). She's the most likely to be speculated about as far as who she knows - she's 22 (Ashlea), she's from Chicago (Howie), she likes Pearl Jam (James) - but really, she could go with anyone.

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