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hamsterJuly 15, 2006 - Day 13

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Howie's got a problem

He's stuck in the shower without a towel handy.. it's cold and Kaysar's got his ears on so can't hear him calling

He shouts to Kaysar, cusses and talks to himself for awhile, then finally tiptoes out to grab a towel

He finally makes a dash and gets safely back into his ratty undies - watch the video

This actually happened last night, but yesterday's episode was packed and I missed much of today

Housekeeping Some of them were trying to figure out how long they've been in there - they're as bored as we are - someone said they came in on a Thursday and someone else said today is Day 12 but those two items don't mesh.. I gauged move-in as Monday (July 3, which Danielle also said later) making today Day 13.. I'll stick with that til I catch a day count number on a show clip and will adjust if needed

Oatmeal fritters

I missed much of the day but I don't think much happened other than Erika won the veto

Will & Boogie rattling off their website URLs & restaurant names all the time plus everyone else talking forbidden stuff all the time make the flames and WAY TOO LOUD music come along so often it makes constant watching more of a chore than usual

George makes some deep-fried oatmeal and passes it around - his apron says Dork Brain - those who don't have a choice like it okay, Will says it's great.. TD has given us some play-along-at-home ideas in today's BB7 Park

Diane complains some more about her nomination - she seems torn between resentment at getting kicked out before she gets on jury and pride at thinking she's perceived as the #1 threat.. Marcellas tells her to cozy up to Will & Boogie and also Jase, and also Janelle.. she's speaking directly into her mic to make requests of BB again

She & Nakomis wonder what they can do to save themselves.. James gives them some background about Beau's Bible and Maggie & Howie in the bathroom.. Nakomis asks one of the cameras why it's pointing at the floor and tries to decipher its secret message
Nakomis: It's hard to start a revolution when nobody wants to listen

Kaysar & Nakomis settle in for a chat.. she talks about her family, her art, her Donald, etc etc.. finally he gets around to the game.. he asks why she had a problem with Jase in BB5 and she says because of his behavior in general and throwing fruit in the bath in particular, and because he intimidated people and made Drew cry.. Kaysar says intimidation is partly why he took out Eric.. by the end he's sounding like he might change his plan and keep her.. then Danielle comes along
Kaysar: Even though it gets me in trouble I try to be as honest as possible in this game.. you're one of the most dangerous people in here
Nakomis: It's smart if you don't want me to campaign, cuz I can't campaign against her
Kaysar: I know, that's why you're sitting next to her
Nakomis: Just don't let Chicken George get to the end - he's playing just like Cowboy
Kaysar: Believe me, we talk about it every night
Kaysar: I want you out of here because you're smart, but I want to keep you in because you're smart

Jase's famous fruit bath was a whopping good time.. 'Jase made Drew cry' wasn't quite how it went down: Drew cried but more from confusion about Jase & Holly hanging out, the game, Diane, and the Four Horsies alliance crumbling.. his male ego took a direct hit from the combination - that night was the first-ever Hamsterwatch episode


So, I'm lost

Either Janelle, James & Howie are deserting Kaysar - or Janelle's making James (and therefore most everyone else) think they are

I come in on James reading the riot act to Howie about being too visible and vocal about the BB6 four being tight.. he's scolding him like a dad to a little kid.. then Janelle starts dissing Kaysar, saying he'd yelled at her when she questioned the nominations (I missed it), that Kaysar made a deal with Will & Howie (which he didn't and told her he didn't, but hearing this shocks and upsets James), and that she didn't know who he was going to nominate (which she did)

Howie starts to say yes they did know, but Janelle kind of shushes him.. it looks like she might be faking it all to me - Janelle/Kaysar/Howie had talked about possibly staging a fight to throw everyone off - I'm thinking it's possible that's what's going on as well as testing James' loyalty, but most seem to think they are all three turning on Kaysar

Watch the videos: part 1 - part 2 - part 3, Marcellas comes in

I'm stumped, and it gets worse - I miss the next chapter of our story, where apparently Janelle & James go to Nakomis and offer safety in return for a guarantee of same in the future.. Nakomis then takes this info to Will & Boogie and signs on with them

I don't know how or why they all think they'll convince Erika to use the veto anyway

It doesn't help anyone figure out what's going on when the feedmasters only show us about 1/10 of the strategy convos that go on (and that's a generous estimate).. I give up for now and hope it all becomes clear eventually

In easier to understand events, Marcellas, Erika, Nakomis, Diane, George, Boogie & Danielle play charades - Watch the videos: part 1 - part 2

It's not as fun as drunken animal charades but it's a good time.. Erika's very good at it.. so is Danielle, who's especially animated

Marcellas delivers everyone's laundry (and nicely done).. some play kickball, break a mic, and we go to flames.. the annual discovery of a backyard spider spinning a web occurs and just like every other season, they act like they've never seen one before

Then in the strangest event yet, all but Janelle gradually gather in the red room (redrum) and talk about showmances, gossip, life, life after Big Brother, fans of Big Brother (Will says we feedsters are pathetic).. Janelle eventually joins and gets everyone laughing with an uncharacteristic but petite fart.. it's all kind of cool & genuine but also kind of kumbaya with a twist of psychological gaming.. they break it up for bed just short of the meaning of life

Hopefully tomorrow will come with diagrams, or at the very least some Diaries on the show to start filling in the gaps


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Sleeping on the job edition: they do it most of the day, then throw me for a loop once they get up & active. Complimentary neutrals and skeletal ratings all around.
Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value.

Thursday live shows are rarely great tv but this one backfired more than once. Their two filler bits are already wearing thin: George's snoring already went as far as it could on the last show, and 'Howie has a crush on Will' is just lame.. too bad they don't pick up on their comedy routine instead since it's actually funny, and how/why did they omit Alison hiding in the urn? The 'Jase has matured' bit fell flat too, thanks to his old-style Jase outfit, and the Alison/Janelle catfight buildup went pfffttt thanks to Alison's classy exit (and probably Janelle's unaired farewell to her). They did get one dig in there by asking Alison who would gain the most weight this season for the T/F comp, knowing she'd say Janelle. They probably made Ali's doctor boyfriend wear his white coat & stethoscope for his interview, and they probably neglected to tell him he'd be accompanied by clown music - WTF was that about? Letting the evictee stay on a few minutes to be involved in the HOH comp was a nice touch, but too bad Julie couldn't come up with the right result when faced with one True and one False, especially after her preschool-like explanation of the extremely simple rules. No twists as promised, not even the anti-PBJ, and no explanation about dual HOHs becoming one again.

He slipped and had a bad fall poolside today. Tomorrow's his birthday.. will K-Mart show up again?

She played a great game of charades.

Is she safe or sorry? Magic 8-ball says 'ask again later'.

Won the veto playing golf with a bruised rib and James was playing too.. huh? Everyone assumes she'll use it.

Official oatmeal test kitchen chef.

Tonight he remembered his towel.

He's taking nervousing to new heights.

Did she begin a mutiny or a coup? Too soon to call. She should have brought her unused PBJ pass from last year to get off the oatmeal.

Mr. Smith is feared but Jase seems to have given up. It was nice to hear a reminder of fruity bath buddies today.

He's either lost his crew or he sent them on a mission to make it seem so. Too soon to call.

Busier making rounds than anyone and probably getting further with them since they all think he's harmless. He was also on laundry duty today and folded it all very neatly.

In? Out? Friend? Traitor? She demonstrated every platitude on every wall in the space of a couple hours.

Dr. Will
Still sitting back and letting human nature do his work for him. He set off a feedster frenzy tonight by calling us pathetic for hanging on every word and action.. and he's right. I don't have a problem with that.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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