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hamsterJuly 30, 2006 - Day 28

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Willmega Nights

Another day, another luxury.. this time it's a competition, winners get to watch Will Ferrell's latest, Talladega Nights.. big whup

Feedsters had flames and WAY TOO LOUD music for much of the day.. I did some paying work and also remembered how to sleep so missed much of it

They break into red teams & blue teams à la "Real World", with movie ad logos on their shirts & hats .. there's a getaway car in the backyard but nobody takes advantage of it.. the winners head off to the balcony seats in HOH.. they come out later complaining how lousy it was
Diane: Probably one of the worst movies I've seen in my life..
[Flames and WAY TOO LOUD music]
Erika: We have to fake it? We do? They're gonna think that..
[Flames and WAY TOO LOUD music]
Feedmasters can't let the 'luxury' (translated: big bucks marketing partnership) get sabotaged by the spoiled kids hating the movie

As every nanny show parent knows, you don't reward one spoiled kid for earning something without also rewarding all the other spoiled kids for nothing, so they get cards.. it's officially Big Brother now as Diane attempts to teach them how to play euchre - watch the video.. Erika eventually starts to get it "Ohhh, it's like spades?"
Remember the last time Diane taught them euchre? aye yi yi

Will visits the pink palace, where Janelle tells him she isn't going to put him up.. he promises he & Boogie will vote out whoever she does put up, and if either he or Boogie wins HOH she'll have "complete immunity"

He also says she can have immunity for one other person.. "just one?" she asks.. she says she'd like to keep Marcellas safe along with Howie, Kaysar & James.. Will says she'll have to give up someone - he'd need someone to nominate - but that it can be worked out later

Janelle says she feels bad over what she's about to do.. Will says not to, it's the game and somebody has to go.. she doesn't say she's going to put up Diane but it's clear when Will says the person is "going to start crying" - watch the video

In a stunning turn of events, they break into some spontaneous fun in the backyard.. it's orchestrated largely by Will, whose sniping subtlety flies <whoooosh> over most of their heads, but it's a fun time just the same
Watch the videos: BB7 wrestling match - BB7 wrestling post-show
Kaysar: What's James' character?
Will: James is the bad guy.. he's confused.. does he really have to wrestle this guy?

Funtime's definitely over when James pays a call to HOH.. Howie's there and Marcellas too.. James starts by telling Janelle "I'm calling you out on your lies" and it gets worse from there.. he's irate, his tone is hostile and accusatory in a victim-like way

He rehashes all the history again and says she's lied to her alliance, is going against them by not putting up Willboogie per plan and is instead collaborating with them behind their backs.. Marcellas heads towards the bathroom at one point and James tells him not to sneak out.. Marcellas says he feels he doesn't belong there, yet he stays

The camera pans to the HOH photo of Janelle at her "Two and a Half Men" field trip last year.. Erika shows up at one point (no surprise) in camouflage pink but quickly leaves
Midway through the 20 minute tirade James says "I'm not gonna argue" <koff>.. he then lays the groundwork to nominate her later: "If that's what you guys want to do, then when I'm HOH I'll make decisions that are best for me, and not take the team into consideration" - watch the video
Are the feedmasters trying to tell us something again? Janelle plus Howie & Kaysar, with James as the half a man maybe? Just a thought.. (see today's linkage for the thought chopped by Johnbb)

Later we find Marcellas talking to Erika in the backyard, ratting out Janelle (and referring to her as "Blondie") and sharing much of what he heard as far as the BB6ers' plans for each previous week, their plans for Willboogie vs floaters, and so on.. he stumbles and pauses a lot, as if he's trying to clarify what to spill and what not to spill, but he spills plenty

He says he was amazed at the intensity of the attack - "James laid that shit out like a five dollar ho in desperate need of five dollars".. it's clear that Marcellas isn't at all on Janelle's side like she thinks he is - watch the video.. Erika just nods & um-hmm's & agrees & giggles throughout

Marcellas also says they're "gonna go full tilt fucking boogie" on BB6 - the exact phrase Danielle used to James yesterday about going after Janelle & Howie.. what's the odds?

Random stuff

It's another week according to plan: Diane was the original target when Janelle won HOH, and after three days of waffling deluxe, mass confusion and near riots we're going back to her again

Janelle's tried to protect every person who's turned on her lately - James, Marcellas, Erika, Danielle, possibly Kaysar? That's kinda sucky and is bound to build even more viewer support for her.. if she's evicted (as nearly all of them are threatening) chances look pretty good to me that she'll come back

The Diane news spreads like wildfire, and later Erika & Diane couldn't be farther apart in the big big bed in the red room (redrum)
James told Danielle at least twice yesterday that Janelle's #1 on his hit list - I posted the videos - but both times I saw were whispery.. he told her tonight yet again in a more audible voice - why? Secret alliance members don't stay secret for long if they keep repeating themselves unnecessarily.. maybe it was to be sure as many feedsters as possible catch it, or maybe it was because they needed a better shot/clearer whisper to air it on the show.. it's bound to be the next shocking storyline - they already starting setting up James as the solid & loyal BB6 alliance man on tonight's show.. incidentally, he went back up to HOH later and was all friendly chatty, as if nothing had happened earlier

Here's an idea Why don't easterners with webcams turn them toward their tv sets at showtime and let their western pals watch live via Yahoo camchat? Do I have to think of everything around here? (P.S. please let me be your buddy)

There's a rumor that Kaysar's been mopey because some friends were in a plane crash.. I won't link the story out of consideration for the people in the plane (who are innocent bystanders to this reality show foolishness) and because the pilot's wife died.. the pilot & their daughter, 20, were in "serious but stable condition" as of July 12.. I doubt BB would inform the hamsters of such things unless it was a family death, but at any rate Kaysar was fine til just a few days ago so I kinda doubt that's the cause of his problems.. I'm sticking to my theory that he's hurt by his team's betrayal - whether he sees it as James' or Janelle's - or maybe he doesn't like being a part of a scripted hoax

There are also rumors about one of them being a mole and working with the producers.. if that's the case it would have to be Erika, who I've captured on video saying she has worked for "Survivor".. others say she's also worked for "The Amazing Race" - both are CBS shows - she also put in a lot of time getting behind-the-scenes scoop (and strategies?) when she did time as BB1 Josh's girlfriend.. that's Josh of the Fishbowl reality roundup web show

After Kaysar told Howie 'they can see your package' he cleans his feet facing away from us now
Random thought: Why was George so helpful to those on slop the first time, experimenting with tasty recipes and making all kinds of slop concoctions for them, but not so much this time?

As for Sunday's show.. well, I'm going to let my rant at the entire staff ride in place of a write-up for that mess.. the continuity people aren't even trying to make things appear in proper sequence let alone get it right.. the James as Solid Alliance Man and Janelle/Will showmance storylines are as predictable as dawn, but what's the tv-only audience supposed to think about Will's wanting to leave and "I hate you all" (which they described as "his true feelings") when he's now so anxious to stay and play? Never mind how neatly they skipped over all the confusions we suffered for the easy route once again, or cut out Will's split-the-money pitch from the duckies puppet show, but you have to laugh at them cutting one of the best bits in it - a forbidden Twix bar portraying Mr. Veto Nomination - since they ran the puppet show as if it happened before the food comp

It's another Hamsterwatch lite episode today.. that's how it goes.. anyway, we all need to preserve our energy for Diane on the block


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Yesterday's ratings are partially updated, but it's still personal.

All-stars was a bad idea that gets worse every day. All they can talk about outside of game is their own prior seasons and their existing interpersonal relationships ad nauseum, plus stuff they know is forbidden so we get strobing flames and WAY TOO LOUD music all day and all night. They may be the stars of the show but there is no show without fans & viewers, and these all-stars insult us personally and insult our intelligence on a daily basis. Feedmasters, producers, staff & interns: I know you read this page. If you can't get these spoiled children to behave, start doing something about it or you won't have a dozen active Superpass subscriptions by mid-August and the air show ratings will drop below Nickelodeon reruns. Send them to the naughty corner of the house and start withholding their many privileges til they learn to behave, and start punishing the guilty parties (the hamsters) instead of us paying subscribers who provide the revenue.

He brings nothing to the table but his better half. If he stays and Will goes, they'll eat him alive.

Redemption has turned into coercion, and playing the game has turned into meddling manipulation. She's too over the top about it to realize they're all on to her, and too self-righteous to realize her snake of an ally will turn on her as easily as he turns on everyone else.

She's got the most to lose, she's the only one not playing except Janelle, and she left everything she had to offer in the old house down the street.

Blah blah blah, and a broken rib that's as phony as she is.

Somebody should clue him in that he has a live audience 24/7 - not just on Thursdays.

Update: Saturday morning after veto comp and later in the day he was all in line with James & Kaysar and 'Janelle can't ever talk to Chilltown alone again' cuz he miraculously forgot everything she & Will had told him; Sunday he miraculously forgot all that and is back on board with Janelle. I give up.

He can't even play both sides without making sure the nice, trusting ones trust him first (that's easier than taking on a real challenge, after all), and he isn't even a good liar. Whichever side comes out on top is the one he's on - he's April with testosterone. He promised me he'd try to be entertaining, and it hasn't happened yet.. I'm not impressed with year-old veto necklaces or fast talking lying: get some origami paper or STFU.

Tentative neutral only because I think she may still be playing her one-time partners and planning to step out on her own to throw Danielle out of there. (Update: we're back to Diane.) I don't have a lot of hope at this point though.. there's too much time left for them all to do their work and too many people waiting in line to beat her into submission. It would help if she didn't sleep through her entire work day when it counts, allowing the angry mob to run amok plotting against her. Another day of this and they'll be carrying torches.

He was mopey for days because he thought James had betrayed him/them, but now that James has him convinced that he's true-blue and Janelle's the baddie he's all a-perk again. James convinced him of that far too easily, even with all the evidence to the contrary, but Kaysar wanted to be the guy to take out the big bad doctor like he took out the Little Emperor. Well, he blew his chance for that two weeks ago cuz he expects the girl in the pink palace to do it for him, just like his tough guy companions do. If he understood the first thing about females he wouldn't have fallen to dummyhead Maggie or transparent conniving Jennifer - and he would have known Janelle was his true friend.

Update: He ratted out Janelle to Erika in a big way and used the term 'scumbagged' a lot when describing what he heard from James.. I guess it's a 'takes one to know one' situation.
Riding coat-tails soars to new heights. If he is in cahoots with Danielle I hope she does the same thing to him for a second time.. he's earned it. He was already into reruns on Day 1 and no Marcie, you're not all that OR a bag of fat-free chips.

Dr. Will
Update: While I stand by what I said here, I linked up his teddybears today because I'm a forgiving kind of person, kinda.
Yep, I think he's entertaining and yep, I think he's playing a whole different game than he did five years ago - he's the only one smart enough to do that. But he's got an ass for a sidekick and he's gotten Janelle into deep water, with her friends turning against her, and he doesn't even toss her an inflatable innertube. I was willing to wait and see, and give him the benefit of the doubt, but then he went and made it personal about me.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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