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Frequently asked questions about

What is is the website of Justin Kan, a 23-year-old guy who is "lifecasting" himself on the web.

Why is Justin doing this?
He and his partners Kyle, Emmett & Michael are hoping to hit it big with their technology. I believe they'd like to license the how-to to others, sell the idea and the technology and/or set up a network showcasing other lifecasters, but that's just speculation on my part.

How does it work?
Justin wears a camera attached to his hat. The stream is sent out via EVDO cards in his backpack that use cellphone networks. For more technical how-to info, contact

Does he wear the camera everywhere?

Why doesn't it work all the time?
Cell coverage outages, dead batteries, intentional outages for privacy, faulty internet connections, broken equipment.. any number of reasons. Sometimes you can pull the feed and/or chats up by refreshing your browser window.

Does he wear the camera in the shower?
No. The camera is usually pointed at towels when he showers. He has mentioned that a shower cam is coming.

Does he wear it when he sleeps?
No. There's another camera that's pointed at him when he sleeps, with "green light" night vision. Sometimes he wears the regular camera when he naps.

Is Justin gay?

Does he date?
He has had a few dates and is looking for more. Email or watch for call-in hour if interested.

Does he ever get laid? has hinted that he has but nobody knows for sure except Justin. Why do you care?

Does he masturbate?
Not on camera. He might in the shower, but probably won't if/when the shower cam is installed. There are many, many sites where you can watch people have sex or masturbate if that's what you're looking for.

What happens when he pees or poops?
The camera's mounted on a ratchet that he points to the ceiling to pee. He turns the audio off to poop and looks at towels.

Does he have a job?
This is his job for now.

Where does he live?
They are moving from Crystal Tower Apartments in San Francisco, near North Beach, to a house on 14th Street near Market, sort of between SF's Castro and Mission districts.

Who are those other guys?
Kyle is the hardware guy, Emmett is the software guy, Michael is the business guy, and new team member Jacob is the website guy. You can watch them on the Office cam.

Who's that girl?
Lindsay Amanda was their producer and often worked in the apartment. A female in there now could be another producer, a friend, relative, neighbor, etc. etc.

No, that blonde girl, the one with her own feed?
That's iJustine aka Justine Ezarik, a video blogger in Pittsburgh who has her own channel on now.

How can I meet Justin?
Watch the feed, figure out where he is and go there.

Does anything good ever happen?
Not very often, but like Big Brother feeds, viewers keep watching in case it does.

Has anyone else done this?
Lots of people have webcams, 24/7 webcams, and interactive webcams. Porn sites have used them for a decade. Patrick's Place has been wired for years, including light switches and a car cam. Justin seems to be the first to do it 24/7 mobile, using a first person point-of-view.

Does Justin ever chat with his viewers?
Occasionally. Emmett, Michael, Kyle and Jacob are also in the chats from time to time, and Justin has had a few call-in hours.

How can I make those faces in chat?
The photo faces are case sensitive. Justin is JKanStyle, Emmett is OptimizePrime, Kyle is TheRinger, Michael is StoneLightning, Jacob is EagleEye, and Paz is PazPazowitz.
The monkey faces are made with normal emoticon text: Drunk o_O   Cool B-)
Angry >-(   Horny <3   Skeptical :-/   Wink ;-)   Happy :)   Sad :(   Excited :0   Bored :Z

How can I ignore troublesome chatters?
If you log in to chat with an IRC client (such as mIRC) you have access to an ignore function. The server is - channels are or An alternate IRC chat is on server -

Why is this FAQ posted here?
Somebody had to do it.

How can I keep up with

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"Position the habitat of your hamster somewhere light and airy, away from drafts, heaters, direct sunlight
and other pets. Never put it on or near a television, radio or hi-fi, or a fridge."