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This site isn't about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with, or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why. Which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! More to come, bookmark & come back! .. that dingo

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Day 82 - Sept. 21, the end - It's a wrap
A final Drew & Cowboy chat; dingo's highlights of the season

Day 81 - Sept. 20 - It all comes down to this
Drew & Cowboy as finalists (commentary); they have pizza, and wait

Day 80 - Sept. 19 - Stick a fork in us, we're done
Drew & Cowboy sleep a lot, cook dinner, and wait

Day 79 - Sept. 18 - A jury of their peers
Drew & Cowboy rant about jury questioning

Day 78 - Sept. 17 - Bro's before ho's to the end
Diane evicted; Drew & Cowboy celebrate; HamsterWatch tribute to Diane

Day 77 - Sept. 16 - Another ugly macaroni incident
Drew lies to Diane about finals; final three record goodbye messages; Drew tells Cowboy he'll have the 'last laugh'; How to pick a winner (commentary)

Day 76 - Sept. 15 - It's the cheesiest
Cowboy wins HOH stage 2; Diane has to puke

Day 75 - Sept. 14 - "Pictures are everything.. they say over 100 words, or more"
Nakomis evicted; earthquake endurance comp/scam; HamsterWatch salutes Nakomis

Day 74 - Sept. 13 - No names were changed to protect the innocent
Final four investigate promises; more to come

Day 73 - Sept. 12 - "I hope you see this, internet fuckers!"
Nakomis gets everything into the open, breaks down, and rants

Day 72 - Sept. 11 - Romeo & Juliet.. to poop on
Cowboy wins veto and confronts Diane; Diane & Drew rant about Cowboy; more to come

Day 71, part 2 - Sept. 10 - Hot or not?
The fashion show fizzles; Cowboy confronts Drew about the Six Fingers lie

Day 71, part 1 - Sept. 10 - Diane in love
Drew nominates Diane & Nakomis; they get new wardrobes

Day 70 - Sept. 9 - Eerie calm
Karen evicted; Diane rages; Drew shares her undies; HamsterWatch salutes Karen

Day 69 - Sept. 8 - We feel the same way, Nakomis
Karen plants subliminal messages; Diane pouts; nekkid Bible study

Day 68 - Sept. 7 - They rub each other
Karen fills in Nakomis; Drew & Cowboy plot against Diane; hide 'n seek; Diane's Girls Gone Wild

Day 67 - Sept. 6 - One sick puppy
Diane's veto puts Karen on the block; Cowboy's hired to protect Diane; Karen makes lunch 'Psycho' style; shadow puppet weenies; Karen hears all

Day 66 - Sept. 5 - Is that a new necklace Cowboy?
Cowboy gets attention, and grills steaks; Drew gets a half-boner; Diane falls for the 'I love you' strategy; Karen figures out she's getting backdoored; 'Go to the hole, Cowboy'
Barbecue Death Match III: Smackdown! - final score: Cowboy 1, Nakomis 0, Barbecue 1, CBS 0

Day 65 - Sept. 4 - Same stuff, different day
Drew starts praying aloud; Cowboy confronts Diane; Karen gives Nik a makeover; Diane pinky-swears Cowboy; Drew's treatment of Diane & her reactions (commentary)
Barbecue Death Match II: The Parannoyer - final score: Drew 0, Diane ½ Barbecue 1

Day 64 - Sept. 3 - Yet another two-for-one deal
Marvin evicted; hamsters are in shock; Nik gets emotional; diary room slippage

Day 63 - Sept. 2 - Shit, meet fan
Adria evicted; shock about another eviction tomorrow; Drew finds out Mom & Dad are watching; Drew attacks Diane and makes her cry before nominating her 'live'

Day 62 - Sept. 1 - Another day in hell
Dr. Gene Scott moves in; BB parannoys them all; Diary fills Drew with 'stimulus' and he becomes wary of Diane; Karen talks with Adria

Day 61 - Aug. 31 - "I'm having a 'Drew's getting on my nerves' day"
Diane's upset; they write to Marcellas & Karen sketches Nik; they play euchre; Diane insults Cowboy & apologizes; Diane confronts Drew - he cusses her; more to come

Day 60, part 2 - Aug. 30 - Grilled hamsters
Drew makes dinner, sort of; Adria drops a bomb; Diane gets upset; they get drunk and electrocuted; Drew & Diane fight
Barbecue Death Match I: Initiation - final score: Cowboy 1, Drew 0, Barbecue 1

Day 60, part 1 - Aug. 30 - Drew's making dinner
Drew makes his lunch; Adria's ostracized; Cowboy's 'special' nap is interrupted; they learn euchre; they all get electrocuted

Day 59 - Aug. 29 - Let's review things a bit, Diane
Diane's behavior toward Marvin (commentary); Cowboy talks with April; Drew and Karen each talk to Adria; most join hands

Day 58 - Aug. 28 - Karen's in the game
Karen wins veto; Adria asks Karen for help; Karen asks Marvin for help; Drew does laundry; condom volleyball

Day 57 - Aug. 27 - Another day, another pinky swear
Diane pinkies Marvin; Nik does creative tanning; the gym arrives; Adria's ostracized; Drew gets a haircut; Drew & Diane talk about Marvin

Day 56, part 2 - Aug. 26 - Shenanigans galore
Drunken guacamole; Diane fails Field Sobriety Test #2; Drew & Nik wrestle; the cloud room gets trashed - Adria doesn't

Day 56, part 1 - Aug. 26 - Sister act hits the road
Natalie evicted; Adria works Drew; Marvin gets a letter; Savage Junior gets cremated; Diane kisses Marvin

Day 55 - Aug. 25 - Love lies bleeding
Karen cracks up; Marvin teases Diane; HOH putting practice; volleyball; Savage Junior is eulogized

Day 54 - Aug. 24 - Rock lobster
Diane seeks love advice; Marvin makes a lobster feast; all drink & play trivia; Marvin; Drew & Diane do the handjive; Savage Junior dies

Day 53, part 2 - Aug. 23 - All creeped out and nowhere to go
Diane gets terrorized; Cowboy takes a twin shower; more to come

Day 53, part 1 - Aug. 23 - Marvin's big adventure
Adria saves herself; Marvin goes on 'The Young & The Restless'

Day 52, part 2 - Aug. 22 - It's all right, Ma
Twins cozy up to Cowboy; Nik & Diane get silly; Hello Kitty gets grilled; Marvin cracks up; Diane & Drew fight, kiss and jive - Karen listens in

Day 52, part 1 - Aug. 22 - No hamsters were harmed during the making of this episode
Bath muddies; twins get nasty; june-bug flying lessons

Day 51 - Aug. 21 - If they only knew
HamsterWatching (commentary); they go shopping and get morphed; Marvin gets styled; twins conspire and do tag-team teary rounds; Cowboy's creepy shower

Day 50, part 3 - Aug. 20 - Fight! Sex! Fight! Sex!
Drew & Diane have an epic bedfight, and Diane jerks off Drew

Day 50, part 2 - Aug. 20 - Days of booze and leprosy
Marvin works; Drew makes a beer bong & laughs behind Diane's back; Diane fails Field Sobriety Test #1

Day 50, part 1 - Aug. 20 - Damn skippy
Twins are nominated and get around; all pose for pictures; Marvin campaigns for 'Young & Restless'

Day 49 - Aug. 19 - Karma Electra
Will evicted; Marvin de-stresses; rumor mill update (commentary)

Day 48 - Aug. 18 - The dim and the witless
Drew terrorizes Diane and they make up; the rumors (commentary); Marvin finds panties; twins act superior; Drew dips Diane; Fun with Real Player #2

Day 47 - Aug. 17 - Countdown to meltdown
Diane questions Drew's affections; twins, Will & Karen go tanning; Diane gets in Marvin's bed; Diane and Drew each ask advice; Drew's pubes & handjobs (commentary)

Day 46 - Aug. 16 - Monkey business as usual
Drew helicopters Diane; Nik explains nip piercing; Diane explains fingerpainting; poker; Karen & Marvin get raunchy; diary room slippage

Day 45, part 2 - Aug. 15 - It's all fun and games again
Water ballet; Natalie tries out for bath buddies; Drew & Cowboy follow the leader (Marvin); golfball-throwing and girl-lifting

Day 45, part 1 - Aug. 15 - Marv and Adria face off
Marvin & Adria kitchen fight; Karen sees the shrink (apparently)

Day 44 - Aug. 14 - Ho ho ho's before ho's
Christmas comp and a camera; Adria wins veto; Drew, Diane & Will see a movie; Karen blows up

Day 43 - Aug. 13 - Houston, we have a problem (send booze)
Adria nominates Will & Marvin, and receives visitors; Diane gives Drew a handjob (exclusive pics)

Day 42, part 2 - Aug. 12 - Good thing the immature hamsters are gone..
Adria sets HOH debut rules; Diane campaigns and assures Drew 'bedmates' is ok; truth or dare: Diane & Karen kiss, Nik flashes boobies, Will streaks, Adria/Natalie raunchy lap dance, Marvin's undies dance, Cowboy's hat trick

Day 42, part 1 - Aug. 12 - "Nothing personal"
Jase evicted; Cowboy confronts Drew about his vote; Karen talks to us and washes sheets bath buddies-style

Day 41 - Aug. 11
Shuffleboard; Jase bandages Hello Kitty; Karen talks to us; hamsters discover clouds

Day 40 - Aug. 10
'Pussy power' watches fishies in HOH; Karen gets around; Marvin picks up Diane; Jase & Marvin entertain everyone; Marvin's bowling ball technique

Day 39 - Aug. 9
Drew gets paranoid and guilty (commentary); halfway pizza party; Jase's sock puppet hamster; Fun with Real Player #1

Day 38 - Aug. 8
Nursing wounds; tanning; Diane asks Cowboy for love advice, and tells Drew to betray Jase, with Nik & Karen followup; spyscreen streaking party; Diane gives Cowboy a lap dance

Day 37 - Aug. 7
Drew wins veto and fights succumbing to Six Fingers; Natalie cleans; Cowboy works on Drew; pool girls works on Cowboy; Diane explains all to Drew

Day 36 - Aug. 6 - Roll call
Alliances sound off; darts; Drew asks about boners; Cowboyisms

Day 35 - Aug. 5 - "I'm not good at goodbyes, so I'll say hello one last time"
Scott evicted, HamsterWatch says goodbye (err.. hello); Adria & Natalie come out; Cowboy sees his dad's photo

Day 34 - Aug. 4
Scott goofs off; Ad/Nat cries; Diane flirts with her enemies; Karen gets an ice cream headache

Day 33 - Aug. 3
'Pussy Power' waffles; Nik stops smoking; Scott gives up; diary room slippage; Nik's Neil Armstrong quote

Day 32 - Aug. 2
Pillows try to break up Drew & Diane; Jason streaks; drunken nekkid pool party

Day 31 - Aug. 1
Cowboy tells a story; 'Pussy Power' deliberates; they make cards from cereal boxes; Jase & Scott have a conversation

Day 30 - July 31
Will & Jase Rock Solid Deal®; girls find the spyscreen and Drew moons them; Diane & Drew's pillowtalk includes a PLAN

Day 29 - July 30
Diane nominates Jase & Scott, and entertains in HOH; pigs on parade; extra-special super bath buddy!

Day 28 - July 29 - Hollyisms
Holly evicted; Diane outlasts Jase in 9½ hour showdown

Day 27 - July 28
Drew downs a vase of beer; Nik grosses out Diane; Scott demonstrates his moves; Ad/Nat dances; Diane massages Marvin on her way to HOH and Drew

Day 26 - July 27 - Booze! Booze! Booze! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Diane flirts with Marvin; Scott's power-farting; 3 Horsemen see The Kiss on spyscreen and confront Jase; Drew's got balls!!; Jase & Holly bath & foot worship; Cowboy 'The Night Prowler' goes on a prowl

If I do this again next year, I'll get it from the beginning
Big ups to HamsterWatchers who stuck it out to the bitter end! Thanks for visiting the site, and for encouraging my behavior. You & me to the end!

Finale Tuesday was good tv for compressing three months down to one hour, tossing in suspense, reunions, and some controversy to boot. It was uncharacteristically kind of them to not run Diane's tears 2-3 times as expected, and also to not cast her as the tiebreaker vote, so big ups for both. The live audience wasn't necessary, but as long as they have Amy, Jason, Marcellas, etc. in the crowd why not point them out or at least stick a label on the screen when panning past them? Julie said it's been '82 days of tough competitions, heartache, and triumph' - hardly. That's what the 3 weekly tv hours were, but the 82 days were mostly whispering, eating, pooping, primping, and some highly entertaining escapades that can never be repeated.. more feeds for more reality shows, please! Thanks to all the Big Brother staff for all the fun, especially the cameras & control room, and special thanks to the fishies: the most-watched houseguests and the true winners of the summer.. they never lied to anyone.

Kissed his way to the money, and a lot of nights in HOH room didn't hurt. Easily swayed, equally naive and arrogant; he played both bully and bullied, and never met a mirror he didn't like. He mostly said 'riiiight' and 'that's crazy' but he won and HamsterWatch congratulates him. One tip, Drew: let go of 'I wanted your natural reaction.'

Stranger things have happened, but not many. Our runner-up leaves us a legacy of Cowboyisms along with new vocab words: nervousing, pond, moreless, and actoring, and he gave us the hat trick. His devotion to the lovely April is the true love story of the season.

Her motivation was to win the boy but he dumped her on tv for the money. As tough as she is fragile, feisty & bitchy but pure of heart and never dull. Way smarter than she thinks she is - she earned every penny Drew takes home. Star of the show.

'The Smart One' turned out to have perspective & ethics, and garnered respect for being herself. Overcame ratings-based emotional blackmail and proved that reality tv needs real people.

First out for playing well, but chameleon strategy is better defense than offense. Elevated the game with empathy, Oscar-caliber acting, and right-on-target rants. Most photogenic by far.

Funniest hamster ever. Provided joy, nicknames, dinners, trivia, laughs, insect tributes, golf commentary, and bowling lessons: he's cool & the gang.

Set off the end-game with 'How long you been dating?' Both pulled off Twingate brilliantly, but A's better as a solo act.

They should have kept switching - that house isn't big enough for both of them.

Not quite gay enough for the token gig. I'd like him in real life - but this isn't.

Hamster watching doesn't get better than this guy. Bath buddies forever!

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

I need a job. If you like what you see here, please let me know if you've got one for me, thanks.