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January 2018

Upcoming Events

January 2 - Celebrity Big Brother UK
February 7 - Celebrity Big Brother USA
March 7 - Big Brother Canada 6

January 2 - BB18 Victor Arroyo and Natalie Negrotti on The Challenge (MTV)
January 3 - BB19 Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf on Amazing Race (CBS)

Power Status

To follow

Celebrity BB USA - February 7, 2018

The much-anticipated celebrity version of BB USA premieres February 7 on CBS (Global in Canada) and will run through February 25. Shows will air almost nightly, with live evictions hosted by Julie Chen. I expect we may have two evictions per week but those details will become clear as we go. After Dark will run nightly on Pop, but the best part as always is it will have live feeds on All Access! Using my link to sign up will help me cover the season, so thanks in advance!

Day 1 move-in will be January 31 so they'll have the usual week on their own without us, but then feeds will kick in February 7 at 9pm Pacific/midnight Eastern, after the premiere ends in the west, as usual.

@UgotBronxd will once again be posting feeds updates and screencaps galore at Hamsterwatch Forum for both CBB USA and BB Canada. Head over there now for house pics and tour, and cast pics, bios, social media links, and hilarious video interviews with BB Canada's Ika Wong. Stay tuned for more info, and remember to please use my links to get HMA, CBS All Access, and/or Amazon purchases anytime. None of these generate a lot of revenue, but they're the only way I can cover any of these Big Brother shows. Huge thanks in advance!

The cast was revealed January 28 on the Grammys. Your celeb hamsters and their main claims to fame are as follows:

Ariadna Gutierrez - Miss Colombia and Miss Universe crowning error incident
Brandi Glanville - reality tv "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "Celebrity Apprentice"
Chuck Liddell - MMA fighter and "Dancing With the Stars"
James Maslow - actor "Big Time Rush", also "Dancing With the Stars"
Keshia Knight Pulliam - actress "The Cosby Show", also celeb versions of "Fear Factor", "Weakest Link", "The Mole", and "Celebrity Apprentice"
Marissa Jaret Winokur - Broadway actress/singer "Hairspray", Tony winner, also "Dancing With the Stars"
Mark McGrath - pop singer with Sugar Ray, "Extra" host, "Celebrity Wife Swap" and "Celebrity Apprentice"
Metta World Peace - (formerly Ron Artest) NBA player and coach, "Dancing With the Stars"
Omarosa Manigault - reality tv "The Apprentice" and fired White House aide
Ross Mathews - former intern, tv and red carpet host, judge "RuPaul's Drag Race", BB superfan and Hamsterwatcher
Shannon Elizabeth - actress "American Pie" & "That 70s Show", "Dancing With the Stars", pro poker player, BB superfan and Hamsterwatcher

Celebrity BB UK - January 2, 2018

First up in our winter/spring extravaganza is another edition of UK celebs and "celebs", premiering January 2 on UK Channel 5 at 9pm UK time (4pm ET/1pm PT). They launched with an all-female cast and added males a few days later. CBB UK usually runs a few weeks with live move-in and eviction shows hosted by Emma Willis, daily recap shows, weekday "Bit on the Side" talk shows hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal, and occasional live hours from the habitat.

How to watch outside the UK I use and recommend Hide My Ass VPN as it's safe, secure, and very easy to use. Simply launch HMA, set to one of its many UK servers, then you can watch live on the Channel 5 site. You can also use HMA to watch BB Canada feeds and archive shows if you're outside Canada. Beware of free VPNs as they can bring viruses, spyware, adware, and open up your system as a streaming conduit.

Times for the daily shows can vary - check the show schedules for Channel 5 and 5Star as you go.

The cast and claims to "fame" is as follows, in order of entry:

Ann Widdecombe - 15th evicted/runner-up, Day 29 - former Member of Parliament
Malika Haqq - 10th evicted, Day 29 - Kardashian friend
Rachel Johnson - 2nd evicted, Day 18 - journalist, sister of UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson
Ashley James - 9th evicted, Day 29 - reality tv "Made in Chelsea"
India Willoughby - 1st evicted, Day 11 - news presenter, transgender
Maggie Oliver - 3rd evicted, Day 18 - former police detective, inspired a BBC drama series
Jess Impiazzi - 13th evicted, Day 29 - reality tv "Ex on the Beach"
Amanda Barrie - 11th evicted, Day 29 - actress

John Barnes - 4th evicted, Day 20 - entered Day 4 - former footballer, rapper
Shane Jenek aka Courtney Act - WINNER Day 29 - entered Day 4 - drag queen
Shane Lynch - 14th evicted, Day 29 - entered Day 4 - former boy band "Boyzone"
Jonny Mitchell - 7th evicted, Day 25 - entered Day 4 - reality tv "Love Island"
Daniel O'Reilly aka Dapper Laughs - 8th evicted, Day 25 - entered Day 4 - comedian
Wayne Sleep - 12th evicted, Day 29 - entered Day 4 - former ballet dancer
Andrew Brady - 6th evicted - Day 25 - entered Day 4 - reality tv "The Apprentice"
Elgin Lumpkin aka Ginuwine - 5th evicted, Day 22 - entered Day 4 - R&B singer

BB Canada 6 - March 7, 2018

Back by popular demand - literally - the sixth season of BB Canada will premiere March 7 on Global, once again hosted by the delightful Arisa Cox. BB Canada uses the USA game and air show format, and it too has live feeds! I'll provide non-Canadian viewing info when we get closer, but basically it's the same as described above for watching BB UK, but instead just set HMA to a Canada server.

Reminder that BB Canada was officially put "on hiatus" after last spring's season, but viewer demand brought it back for another season - way to go, Hamsterwatchers and BB fans in general!

So with a month of so of UK celebs, just under a month for USA celebs, and around three months for Canadians, that's five months of Big Brother before we even get close to summer.. rest up, and stock up those snacks and beverages!

Lines and Links of the Day


To follow as the pearls fall from their mouths



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BB19 Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Fights: 30
6/29 Premiere #2: Josh vs Megan
7/6 live show: Jessica vs Christmas
7/6 HOH comp: Josh vs Cody (not on feeds or show)
7/6 10.10pm: Jessica vs Josh, plus Cody
7/17 3.30pm: Three parter: Josh vs Mark, plus Josh vs Jessica, plus Dominique vs Christmas
7/28 7.24pm: Three parter: Cody vs Paul, plus Cody vs Jessica, plus Mark vs Josh
7/30 12.25pm: Cody vs Jessica
7/31 12.47pm: Jessica vs Raven
7/31 5.04pm: Four parter (at least): Jessica vs Alex, Jessica vs Paul, Jessica vs Raven, Mark vs Alex
8/8 1.14pm & 2.23pm: Two parter: Cody & Jessica vs Josh
8/11 5.03pm Christmas vs Mark, plus Josh
8/14 5.54pm Christmas vs Mark, plus Josh, Alex
8/14 11.36pm Josh vs Mark
8/15 1.49pm Three parter: Cody vs Alex with Jason, Christmas, Elena vs Josh, Alex vs Elena
8/27 8.49pm Matt vs Raven food fight
8/28 12.00pm Raven, Matt vs Jason
8/28 2.16pm Three parter: Christmas vs Kevin, Josh vs Kevin (plus Raven, Alex vs Kevin on 9/15 clip show/not on feeds)
9/20 finale: Mark vs Matt jury round table

Alex camp setups and hot dog service rounds: 14

Revivals: 1

House meetings: 4
7/15 5.46am
7/17 4.21pm
7/30 2.50pm
7/31 4.52pm

Scandals beyond BB world: 4
Paul's snake outfit and face mask plans
Cody's military service questioned
Jessica's 'butt-poking'
Jason's rapey 'joke'

Pinkyswears: 5
Raven and Paul on premiere
Raven and Matt 7/11 7.56pm
Kevin and Jessica 8/10 2.33pm
Alex and Paul 9/7 7.41pm
Kevin and Ramses first clips show

Makeout pairings: 3
Cody/Jessica, Mark/Elena, Matt/Raven

Sex events: 17 (minimum)
7/2 3.12am Cody, Jessica
7/6 3.25am Mark, Elena
7/11 2.44pm Mark, Elena
7/26 1.00am Raven, Matt
7/30 3:29pm Cody, Jessica
8/2 1.32am Raven, Matt
8/3 1.31am Raven, Matt
8/4 1.19am Raven, Matt
8/5 11.00pm Raven, Matt
8/9 12.00am Raven, Matt
8/10 12.45am Raven, Matt
8/10 1.40am Mark, Elena
8/17 12.47am Raven, Matt
8/22 11.31pm Raven, Matt
8/25 1.08am Raven, Matt
8/28 10.12pm Raven, Matt
8/30 10.39pm Raven, Matt

Injuries: 17
Mark's dislocated finger in 1st HOH comp
Christmas's broken foot
Raven's stair crash and foot stitches
Kevin's arm burn from curling iron
Paul's mysterious wrist ailment
Raven's alleged pan-to-the-wrist ailment
Paul's infected nose-ring, again
Raven's chair-banged finger
Raven's 'chipped' tooth
Raven's sore knee from skating comp
Raven's shower door-banged arm
Jason's groin pull from hide/seek veto
Paul's skinned ankle from hide/seek veto
Jason's cut finger from broken glass in the trash
Paul's bonked eye from weights pole
Christmas's sore eye from unicorn fart glitter
Paul's 'broken nuts'

Better alternatives to Jeffish: 1
Kittycam, Puppycam, Bunnycam featuring Rancho Coastal Humane Society adoptables

Premature (pre-feeds) evictions: 2
Cameron, Megan

Pre-season makeover and photo replacement: 1

Epic Twitter battles: 2
6/19 Dr Will vs Meech, plus BB18 Natalie, BB14 Danielle, Russell Hantz
6/22 Evel Dick vs James Huling


CBS Goofs

1 Misspelled 'Hitmen'
2 Pop mixed up BB seasons with AD seasons
3 Mistook USA for 'the world'
4 To/too error
5 Too many seasons for Frank
6 Conflicting Christmas ages
7 Pop had a midnight/day problem
8 Misspelled Raven
9 Random things in bikini photos
10 'An New Season'
11 Photoshoot spoilers
12 Leaked two upcoming votes
13 This season is 92 days, not 99
14 Thumbnail on feeds slider shows BB18
15 Misspelled 'receive' on tickets site
16 Misspelled 'replacement' on YouTube
17 Control room monitors on 7/6 live show
18 Day count error on 7/9 show
19 Misspelled 'drinkware'
20 Misspelled Nicole's last name
21 Misspelled Josh's last name
22 Misspelled Ramses
23 Let Jessica into DR when Kevin was there
24 Feeds timestamp 3+ hours wrong
25 Counting error on 7/20 show
26 Listed five, called it six
27 Fishies in closing credits 8/3 show
28 Wrong day/date in highlights
29 Leaked Elena Diary snippet
30 Misspelled Big Brother
31 Only posted 2 (of 6) 1st half HOH blogs
32 Fishies in HOH comp 8/10 show
33 Feeds highlights have 8/15 under Cameron
34 Forgot to update feeds outage message
35 Hashtag syntax error
36 ET Canada called Matt Martin
37 Still perpetuating Goof #6 in September
38 Wrong day for voting (some platforms)
39 Finale day audio bleed BB18 Part 3 questions
40 Jason, Paul, Christmas as finalists on YouTube

BB19 Season Stats

HOHs in order: Cody; Paul; Alex; Jessica; Paul; Josh; Alex; Jason; Christmas; Jason; Christmas; Alex; Josh; Paul; Josh

Veto winners in order: Alex; Paul; Jason; Jessica; Paul; Mark; Matt; Mark; Jason; Jason; Paul; Josh; Paul; Paul

Evictions in order: Cameron 8-3-2; Megan (quit); Jillian 8-4; Cody 7-3-0; Dominique 10-0; Ramses 7-3; (none); Jessica 7-1-0; Cody 7-0-0; Elena 6-1; Mark 4-2; Matt 6-0; Jason 3-2; Raven 2-1; Alex 2-1; Kevin 1-0; Christmas 1-0

Finalist Twitters: @JOSHMBB19; @deadskulltweets
Jury Twitters: @codythemarine; @elenadavies; @realmarkjansen; @Matt_ClinesBB19; @whistlenut_ole; @walton_raven; @aliasobjection; @BB19KEVIN; @christmasabbott
Pre-jury Twitters: @CameronHeard210; @MeganAnnBB19; @jilliannicoleww; @CDmAI; @TheBBHomie1; @thejessicagraf

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Big Brother 19 SEASON FAQ
Day 1 Move-in was June 21
Day 8 CBS premiere is June 28
Day 9 Feeds begin June 29
Day 92 Finale is September 20

Feeds are streamed by CBS, and Flashback is accessible via All Access subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

Air shows on CBS (Global in Canada) are Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, eviction Thursdays 9pm.

Big Brother After Dark on Pop TV (Slice in Canada) is every night midnight to 3am, except Thursdays 1am to 3am. The aired blocks are live (or recorded earlier the same night, depending on your cable provider).

The CBS app (by CBS Interactive) plays BB air shows and other CBS shows, as well as feeds, or you can use your browser to watch feeds on mobile devices. The same All Access link used to subscribe will lead to the feeds viewing page if you're already signed up.

BB19 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week again, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Paul is probably getting more, and possibly Christmas as well.

The habitat has 87 HD cameras and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman. He and Julie Chen are the only staffers who have been there since Big Brother 1.

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